27 September 2014

How to Type Properly on the Touch Screen

Often typing? Or you have a job that is related to this one activity? You will easily typing on a computer keyboard or laptop because it has been accustomed. Either you will be typing emails, notes, or work, you can do it easily with the help of a keyboard. That is if you do it on a physical keyboard.

What if you type using the virtual keyboard? Quite difficult is not it? activity of typing on a virtual keyboard that we used to do on a smartphone or tablet, will be a little much to waste our time, if we are not typing in the right way. It's hard to type correctly and quickly on this type of keyboard. Not only that, you may feel tired and bored with typing that keep one on the virtual keyboard.

How to Type Properly on the Touch Screen

For those of you who have a mobile device with a touch screen, you can learn the correct way to type with the keyboard and how to set up your typing. If you have a problem in terms of typing on a touchscreen, you need to follow the proper steps, so that a more subtle way of your typing and can work properly.

To learn the correct way to type on the device with a touch screen, the basic requirement is that you use the device itself. If for example, on a computer or laptop, your eyes and your fingers will be in a comfortable position, so different from the case with the use of keyboards on tablets and smartphones. You will get a display the keyboard and the things that you write at the same time. Also, typing through a small device that would be able to interfere with the eye condition. Therefore, you need to consider the needs of mobile device when you are going to buy it.

If you already intend to buy yourself Touchscreen Mobile devices will often use to type, then you need to choose a device that has a large screen. If you already have a device, you can use the help of Case or Stand to adjust your perspective on the Device. Brightness Adjust the volume of your device is comfortable to the eye. Alternatively, you can set the font size while typing. By making your device comfortable for typing, then you will have no trouble when going through the touch screen typing.

In addition to set up your device, it is important if you also can set the keyboard in it. If you need a keyboard application that is easy to set up, then you can use SwiftKey or Swype. However, the keyboard on your mobile device is more than enough to increase your productivity in typing, especially for the users of Android devices. When you want to select the keyboard on your device, choose the Type and Swipe between options that you think are most productive. You can set the size of the keyboard as you want, adjust the size of your fingers. With this, you can apply the correct way to type on your mobile device.

As we know, the tablet and the smartphone has a screen size that is not too big. When you are typing, then the size of the screen you can see it will be much smaller, because the empty space that previously had been covered by the keyboard. To overcome the problems like this when you are typing, change the Device to Full Screen mode. Not only that, the position of the screen also need your attention. Do you prefer the Landscape or Portrait mode? Yes, you need to adjust to typing mode that truly mastered. Portrait is a good choice, because it will give you a lot of typing space. However, if you prefer landscape mode, keep using that mode, because that is needed here is comfort in typing.

You have to experiment to typing on a touch screen mobile device in your possession? Make sure everything is done for your convenience. Through the correct way to type on a touch screen, you are expected to work well in typing on the virtual keyboard. Indeed, you will not get a quick way like typing on a physical keyboard. However, here the most important is the right way too comfortable typing.