27 September 2014

5 Ways to Save Battery Windows 8 Tablets That Are Easy For You Follow

Windows 8 offers a stout very useful feature for its users. Undeniably, the presence of a platform that has made many users of other platforms to switch and use Windows 8 as a platform for a new favorite. However, at the present time, each platform also still have the same problem, namely battery life. No exception with Windows 8.

Microsoft's platform is to the extent that pinning a battery saving feature in which you can set in such a way. For users of the Windows 8 
tablet, maybe you will find the option arriving at different locations. Here we will provide guidance on how to save battery life Windows 8 tablet, which will help you to keep the battery life of your tablet.

5 Ways to Save Battery Windows 8 Tablets That Are Easy For You Follow

5 Ways to Save Battery Windows 8 Tablets That Are Easy For You Follow

Turn off Bluetooth

Tablet Windows 8 you may come with Bluetooth to be active by default. If you're not using the Device Support Bluetooth, Bluetooth leave continue to be active is not wise. For how to save battery life Windows 8 tablets are easy, you can turn off Bluetooth. You can do it with a swipe to the right or press the Windows key followed by C, and then choose Settings and select Change PC settings. Navigate to Pc And Devices, then go to Bluetooth, and you can turn off the Bluetooth feature here. You can reactivate it easily at this location as well.

Adjusting Brightness

The intensity of light on the screen of Windows 8 tablets will absorb the battery quickly. Reducing the level of illumination of the screen will be able to extend your battery life. Windows 8 uses features Automatic Brightness on the device by using the Brightness sensor, but you can also manually adjust the Brightness. To access the Brightness setting this, open the Windows bar and select Settings. Then tap on the Icon Screen, and you can adjust the brightness by reducing the screen brightness of your tablet.

Disconnect Device Other

Other devices you use and connect with Windows can affect battery to use your Windows 8 device. For example, you utilize the help of mouse that is connected via USB to your Windows 8 device. The mouse works by absorbing power your device. Therefore, if you really do not need it, unplug all peripheral devices connected to Windows 8 devices.

Use Airplane Mode
Airplane mode is a useful feature, where the feature will instantly quickly disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the data connection. If you're not doing anything on your tablet, then this is the easiest way to save your device's battery life, because all of the activities that require network access will be disabled. To be able to use the airplane mode feature, tap the Wireless icon and turn on Airplane Mode. Alternatively you can also open bar, tap Settings, and tap the Wi-Fi icon to access the menu airplane mode.

Disable Automatic Update

If you frequently update the application manually, then you do not need the features App updates. To visit, go to the Windows Store, then Swipe to the right or press the Windows key and the C, point to Settings, and select App updates. After that, the update will do your heart's content.

Problems that exist in every device now is battery life. For users of Windows 8 tablets, the battery problems will you overcome little by little to set things up for what you need and do not need, and follow the way of saving your tablet which will be easy to implement. That way, you can save battery life wisely and appropriately.