27 September 2014

How to Save Battery Android with Easy Steps

Android is an operating system that has a pretty good system management. This one platform that can manage a wide variety of applications that are installed by users. Therefore, users do not need to actually embed the various applications to manage applications on Android devices hers. It is not good when you overuse Task Killer. That is one example, where you do not require an additional application to set the Android system. 

Although Android has a weakness on battery life, the wrong combination between system management application that you can install the system interfere with the performance management process of your Android device. Perhaps, you frequently use the Task Manager to shut down the application that is running the application with a view to saving your Android battery, and unfortunately, it will only slightly affect the battery usage.

How to Save Battery Android with Easy Steps

How to Save Battery Android with Easy Steps

Managing Android Application

Android actually already know how to manage the applications that run on its own. Users can also spruce yourself these applications, if they really want to save battery Android. Although it is not a major problem in the Android battery usage, but a combination that you do on Android applications will be able to influence the management process of Android system.

Android Battery

You must have visited the Android battery usage menu instead? Well, this is where you can find various kinds of parts that "tells" on your Android battery usage and the first way you save battery Android. Most applications are displayed in this menu are the usual applications you use and spend a lot of battery power. In this menu you will find how the system runs. Look at the Awake and Screen on.

This is the important part you need to consider, if you want to save battery Android. If your device has a lot of time compared Awake Screen on, then your device will be maintained in Sleep mode. This is called the Wakelock, and this is the biggest enemy of your Android battery.

How to Save Battery Android

So, you have to know your enemy batteries instead? Now is the time to fix the main problem of your Android device, namely the Android battery saving. Simply put, when your phone's screen off, then the phone will look like the rest for you. Unfortunately, it does not look like you think. When the phone screen off, it could still be running applications, which make the phone feel hot.

One quick way to determine the activity as it is to use a CPU monitor applications such as System Monitor. With this, you will know the actual process of your Android device. To save battery Android, you can also use an application called Greenify.

Link Download Application Greenify

How is the state of the applications in your Android device? Once you know how messy the contents of your Android system, then the easiest way to handle it is to tidy it up, in order to save battery Android. In this case, you need to stop all system processes that are not needed are safe. Android has qualified hibernation process, and you can easily trigger it with Greenify.

Greenify will simply identify the problematic application, both when the phone is running or is not running. If you have on-Android rooting, then access Greenify will run more smoothly and all applications will be controlled by this one application. If the application has a neat, then you have to implement a way to save battery Android truth.

If you want to save battery Android, then it can be started from the system. If you manage the system properly, then you have made a way to save Android battery effectively. So, pay attention to the performance of your applications, and you will find out how the performance of your Android battery later.