07 September 2014

Choosing the Best Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting is now not as easy as choosing a web hosting in the past, particularly prior to the 2000s where not many providers as it is today. Also from the many hosting providers that does not seem to offer much of a difference.

An internet site will not be the same, whether it's the content, the number of visitors, in which applications and other aspects. Likewise, the hosting provider, web hosting is good and suitable for a person is not necessarily good and suitable for you. Here are tips on choosing the best web hosting: 

Choosing the Best Web Hosting

Check the Age of Web Hosting Companies

We certainly do not want to if today we list next month the company has gone out of business, the effective way is to use the facility http://who.is for International.

Locations Company

Given so many web hosting providers in Indonesia, which is the average:
No business entity;
Not having a clear physical location;
Survival between a few months to 1 year only, after it disappeared without a trace.
For a large company this can be a problem. For example: Data website / database you suddenly disappear because the server is not online following the hosting administrators could not be reached for your requested data. Or your own domain name hostage for contacts / password exist in the hosting domain.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting

Right to Domain and Hosting You Buy

Make sure you have full access rights over the domain and hosting. Currently there are many companies that do not provide full access rights over the domain, making it difficult if consumers want to move let alone hosting domain transfer to another company.

Price Vs Quality

Often new players hosting business falls in this business only takes into account the resource space and traffic limits. Yet beyond the many restrictions - other restrictions of which is a server CPU load and Memory. Therefore if the offer price is very cheap, the consequence is a reduction - the reduction of the potentially large hosting facilities impose an excessive burden on the server.

Do not be tempted by the term 'Unlimited'

Application Solutions Unlimited? Extremely Impossible! Applications are usually able to make the CPU load is high among them is the web itself, databases, mailing lists, and FTP. For it is usually a web hosting company limits the number of mailing lists, FTP accounts, and databases to maintain service reliability. In addition, traffic per month is also limited by the assumption that if the traffic is high, then the server load is high.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Ensure technical support from your hosting provider 1 × 24 hour live support even once, this is the moment to help you experience problems on your site that is of course related to where you put your data in web hosting before, so that does not happen outside point desire you are.

Allocation Bandwitdh

Each access to your website, then your traffic will rise this will affect the bandwidth that is given at once if the bandwidth capacity on offer runs out you will be charged extra, but so far it is still not too important influence, but if one day traffic very high you need to pay attention to the capacity provided by the tenant web hosting.

Location Datacenter

Many users are confused in choosing the location of the server when faced with the choice IIX, USA, and Singapore, like choosing a political party, one chose disappointed afterwards.

Do not Read Testimonials

Whose name testimonials usually it is definitely a good aja, junior high school children are also good at making up testimonials, if you want to know whether or not the web hosting company., Try to find out who his client, a professional website that is usually found on the client list and client directory if you look at his client list and many of them there are some large companies, web hosting possibilities is feasible for you to choose.

Software Billing System

Well, This is the most important aspect that is rarely considered. Did you know that you have the ability to shut down / bankrupt a hosting company using pirated software / without a license. There are many types of billing software to manage billing as clientexec, WHMCS etc.. one of them is often used because of its simplicity is WHMCS.