03 September 2014

Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting and Has a Good Quality

Web Hosting is a form of service provision file storage area, whether it be text, images, scripts, etc. which usually hosting it leased and the lease term is usually calculated annually.

Why Need Web Hosting:

Speed ​​of disseminating information about the Services, Products, Public Services and the other one is a measure of the success of individual businesses or companies. Long story short, if you have made ​​a prototype design that can be read by internet browsers such as html, then it's time to put the design on the internet by uploading your design to hosting companies that serve sales.

How to Choose Cheap Web Hosting and has a good quality:

1. Hosting Company And Its location

Given the number of web hosting providers that typically:
   - There is a business entity;
   - Not having a clear physical location (only fictitious and false)
   - Its survival between a few months to 1 year only.

Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting and Has a Good Quality

2. Pricing And Capacity

Prices and services provided must be balanced. Avoid hosting providers that offer excess capacity at a price that does not make sense (like unlimited space and bandwidth) they just do overselling, sell far exceeds their actual capacity. Remember, nothing is unlimited in the hosting world.

3. Services

Consumer services plays an important role in web hosting., Make sure the hosting provider's technical support 1x24 hour support and live chat support.

4 Quality Web Hosting Server

Before buying make sure quality web hosting server and its access to support, in this case the important point is also to prospective web hosting buyers, we certainly do not want something happens with our website, such as down, slow email sender and others.

5. Security From Server

For this one should note, if you purchase web hosting at low prices, first check the server already good yet, so far I have met a lot of guns are clearly taxable web defacement OR HACK hit by irresponsible parties.

Before buying please check first, if the software is in use the new version or not. if you buy one that is your own loss.

Examples of cases that often hacked from the server side:
PHP version is still the old version (defacer or hackers hacking activities are often done with the technique: jumping and bypass symlinks).