09 September 2014

Get a Free Proxy Server List with Spys.ru

Proxy seems to be increasingly used in various parts of the world, the main attraction is being able to access blocked sites. In fact there are ISPs that do block proxy websites to bypass the restrictions prevent the use of the Internet users who have been assigned.

Actually some alternative ways to block and pass internet censorship, such as VPN, tunneling, web proxies and proxy servers. This time I discuss is how to get a public proxy server that can be used free of charge. Here I get a list of proxy servers are provided free of Spys.ru and not blocked by internet providers that I use.

Get a Free Proxy Server List with Spys.ru

You will see information about the IP address and port, the type of proxy, anonymous or not the information about you, city and country location of the proxy server, host name, and the date of the last proxy server is checked.

Get a Free Proxy Server List with Spys

For how to use a proxy server can be set proxy server in the Internet Explorer browser (Google Chrome uses the same settings) and Mozilla Firefox. After that, immediately check your IP address, if the IP address is successful then you will follow the proxy server is used.

Unfortunately there is no quality assurance or indicator of the ability of this free proxy server, so sometimes we need to try several to find the best server. But for the free stuff given we can not complain, so use it well.