30 September 2014

Google Moon Recorded Sightings of Aliens on the Moon?

Google Moon is an online service such as Google Earth, which allows visitors to see the moon sightings. An accessor create excitement for finding the image of a human-like image seen walking on the lunar surface. 

Posted on YouTube, int the moon sighting appears there was a figure similar to those under way, complete with shadow. Can not be ascertained whether the actual sighting although Internet users speculate all kinds, there are considered as aliens.

Google Moon recorded sightings of aliens on the moon?

Google Moon Recorded Sightings of Aliens on the Moon?

"It looks like the shadow of a large object or a figure," wrote a user who uploaded the video on YouTube, as quoted from Dailymail, Thursday (08/14/2014).

But most likely it is not an object or figure anything is found assessed exposed to a psychological phenomenon called Pareidoila. That is the condition in which the brain sees familiar faces or objects in unusual places.

Google Moon itself collects millions of images in the NASA space agency. Here's a video of the sighting: