Issues Twins Moon Sightings August 27, 2014 Proven Hoax

Spectacular news related to celestial phenomena Twins Moon Sightings was widely circulated in cyberspace. Abroad, also spread to various countries. 

Reportedly, on August 27, 2014 or Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at 00:30, there were sightings of 2 Moon in the sky. "Mars will look very bright and like the Moon, everyone can see with the naked eye," according to the news circulated.

Called the Red Planet is within 34.65 million miles from Earth. "You will see the Moon in the sky 2. Thing new that will happen again in 2287."

Issues Twins Moon Sightings August 27, 2014 Proven Hoax

Issues Twins Moon Sightings August 27, 2014 Proven Hoax

However, the fact remains, the news Twins Moon Sightings nonsense aka hoax.

"That is a lie or a hoax news is a distortion of the moon sighting phenomenon of August 27, 2003 Mars opposition last," he said when contacted, Thursday (28/08/2014).

Thomas explains, on August 27, 2003 Mars is the closest distance to the Earth, within a period of 60 thousand years since. The distance is about 55.7 million kilometers.

A year earlier rumors, Mars will look round as the full moon to the naked eye. It also proved to be a false report.

The truth, then, Mars opposite direction of the sun so that the entire surface is visible from Earth. Looked round but not as big as the Moon.

After the incident, Thomas added, almost every year before the 27th of the spread of information. "So like an annual ritual," he said.

Or more precisely, repeated a false report. A similar news has appeared in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009.

Thomas asserts, Mars will not be at full moon. "The size is only 1/72 times the size of the full moon," he said.

Men born in Navan said, every interval of 15-17 years, Mars closer to Earth. "If the so-called double full is probably true because there are 2 full moon (Moon and Mars)., But in the sense of the same size."

Evidence another lie, on August 27, 2014, there was a full moon. And this year, the closest distance of Mars to Earth occurred on 8 April.

If Mars reaches the closest distance from the Earth, it just looks like dots of light. Not for the size of the moon sighting.

But, do not be disappointed once, on September 9, sky watchers will be able to enjoy the spectacular view, when the Moon closer to Earth: supermoon.
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