Moon Sighting Changes Every Day

You should know that moon sightings are changes every day. Moon is not a luminous celestial bodies. At night the moon looks very beautiful with the stars around it. The moonlight is actually a result of reflection of light emanating from the sun. The light of the moon can be seen at night. This is because during the day the sun radiates light very strong and much more dim light of the moon so the moon is not visible, or because of the position of the moon is not exactly reflect light to the Earth.

If you observe every night, the moon-sighting form was experiencing changes every day. Moon around the earth in a period of 29.5 days (one month). Over the months move, a change in the angle between the sun, earth, and moon. This has led to changes in the appearance of the moon each day. Changes in the shape of this month is known as phase of the moon.

Moon Sighting Changes Every Day

Moon sighting begins with the new month, the position of the moon is between the earth and the sun in a straight line. In the position of the new moon we can not see the moon.

After five days of the crescent moon sighting called. In this position the appearance of the month or the quarter moon just looks radiant.

After a week of looking half section, the position of the earth, moon, and sun form a right triangle.

After ten days of the moon sighting to three-quarters.

Have you seen the full moon sighting? The full moon occurs on the 14th day of the new moon. When the full moon arrives position of the earth is between the moon and the sun in a straight line state. The entire sunlit side of the moon becomes visible so that the full moon, the moon appears to shine bright.

Furthermore, the reverse process occurs. After the full moon glowing moon began to shrink, passing appearance in three quarters, one half, and a half. The next month return to at the end of the crescent moon and the new moon began again the appearance of the new moon sighting, the moon is not visible anymore. In a constantly changing appearance, ranging from invisible months until no longer visible length of 30 days.
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