29 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Now Start Attending In Thailand

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Now Start Attending In Thailand

The news earlier this Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 has begun sold in the neighbor country Malaysia. Now, the latest news Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 has a presence in Thailand. This is exciting news for gadget lovers homeland who always look forward to the latest products from Samsung. And, also as a marker that the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is getting closer to the Southeast Asian market. However, the news certainly for its presence in Indonesia has not been established.

Presence information of Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is obtained from the official website of Samsung Thailand to show the full features and specifications. Features and specifications are reinforced by the existence of the original image of the Galaxy Mega 2. For Samsung specification does not provide specification half-hearted, with a 6-inch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution support px densities reach 245 ppi image, of course, the resulting color is better. You also want to know more news about Samsung Galaxy Mega 2:

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Now Start Attending In Thailand

For Galaxy Mega 2 in terms of the engine has been powered by a quad-core processor that has a speed of 1.5 GHz Exynos 4415 is integrated with 1.5 GB of RAM memory. Of course, the machine will be running smoothly on Android OS Kitkat V.4.4.3.