30 September 2014

Splashy Video Sightings Alien on the Moon

Alien Sightings videos in moon on Youtube invited more than 4 million visitors. Apparition resembling a human figure complete with a visible shadow on the lunar surface. These findings horrendous visitors Youtube.

Launch the Huffington Post Friday, August 15, 2014 edition, the account named video uploader Wowforeeel believes his invention is a human figure or it could be an alien who was walking along the surface of the moon.

This discovery is the result of the tracking is done on Google Moon with the coordinates 27 ° 34'26.35 month "N 19 ° 36'4.75" W.

This Wowforreel Account investigating the shadow on the moon after receiving a referral from other web users, Jasenko.

Splashy Video Sightings Alien on the Moon

"An irregularly shaped dark place that he saw in the Google Moon, which looks like a shadow of a large object," said Wowforreel as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Google Moon feature in itself contains images taken from the data obtained by the United States Space Agency (NASA). However, NASA itself has not said a word about the discovery.

Until now, the video uploaded with the title 'Odd figure on the moon?' on July 18, 2014, was watched by about 4,067,097 times.

Known, Wowforreel Youtube account not only the first time this controversial video uploaded from observations using Google Moon. Previously, Wowforreel find objects such as aircraft which are stranded on the lunar surface.

Analysts say that this is caused by a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. It involves a vague and random stimulus were considered important. This phenomenon often occurs when looking at the shape of animals or faces in clouds or in the moon. This sharpens the ability to recognize the shape of human imagination that has meaning.

A psychic, Tom Rose, who writes in the Examiner said shadow image on the surface similar to the ancient Greek statue, The Colossus of Rhodes, which is estimated to drown after a massive earthquake in 226 BC.

Splashy Video Sightings Alien on the Moon

In addition in the month, a number of sightings of other living creatures are also found on Mars. In November, researchers found fossil evidence of iguanas in the red planet's surface. The image objects discovered by UFO Sightings Daily archives that reveal the results of NASA.

"This is not the first animal found on Mars. Actually there are about 10-15 creature to date," said Warring in Agoracosmpolitan.com