Twin Moon Sighting on August 27, it was only a hoax

Social media lately rang with the news that the scheduled appearance of twin moon sighting seen on August 27 or this day. However, even astronomers say otherwise. Are stories just engineering?

According to the news, the planet Mars will be at its closest point to the earth so it looks the size of a moon. This rare phenomenon is claimed to occur early in the morning on August 27, 0030 to be exact. Even the news adds twin phenomena of this month will only happen again in the year 2287. When Mars is just 34.65 million miles away from earth.

However, this news is a hoax news is true or false disseminated in cyberspace 10 years ago. United States Space Agency had already denied the rumor of twins moon sighting in 2005.

Twin moon sighting on August 27, it was only a hoax

So what makes this hoax news again excited?

Twin Moon Sighting on August 27, it was only a hoax

Many media stating the reason behind this news is back hectic Google. The Google search engine was accidentally redisplay the hoax news at the top of a massive few days ago. It is finally transmitted to the email accounts and social networking are also posted news of the appearance of twin moon on August 27, The Epoch Times (27/08).

One of the EarthSky website author, Deborah Byrd reveals that the planet Mars will never be seen for months when viewed from Earth. Mars closest distance to the earth is in fact already occurred on 8 April, but Mars is only visible as an orange point in the southern sky.

Currently, months even been included in the crescent phase, add to the fact if the news is just a mere setting.
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