Samsung Galaxy S6 Ready For Continued Success Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S6 seems ready for production to continue successful Galaxy S5 which can be absorbed by the market. Galaxy S6 also reportedly prepared to block the Alpha Galaxy accompany the presence of the iPhone 6, which reportedly will be launched within the next few months. iPhone 6 seems to have inspired, perhaps more precisely the envy, the other manufacturers make similar products.

As reported in the previous article, that the Samsung Galaxy S6 released to balance competition with the main competitor Samsung smartphones, namely the iPhone.

iPhone 6 is the latest product from the iPhone which plans to make its presence has excited the gadget users around the world. Reportedly, the iPhone 6 will produce the series was a massive concern that would invite vendors who are also targeting the high end segment. Samsung has been also been known as an imitator or a design gadget spec output iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Ready For Continued Success Galaxy S5

Currently Samsung has released the Galaxy series Alpha as premium smartphone that has advanced performance refers to the performance of the iPhone 6, but it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer felt the need to launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 to continue the success of its predecessor Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Ready For Continued Success Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be the first Android smartphone using 64-bit chipset type to improve performance at high speed for multi tasking. Processors will be embedded in the Galaxy S6 is the Exynos 5433 chipset with 64-bit types are also used on the iPhone 6.

There has been no official information regarding the specifications or appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 are produced. However, some sources say that the designer Jermaine Smitt has been hired to create a design of a smart phone this one.

Including the possibility of screen design which is rumored to be made ​​in a curved shape that is equipped with a bezel on the edges. Weight of smart phones is expected to only about 162 grams with dimensions that will be made in the form of super-thin that will be one of the benefits of this latest Samsung smartphone.