27 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sightings Photos

Samsung launches Galaxy S6 yet, but sightings have circulated images of the handset. Galaxy S5 successor is reportedly 5.3-inch display screen. The appearance of the Galaxy S6 can give you an idea as to what form the latest handsets made ​​by Samsung. A designer named Jermaine Smit is the emergence of the concept behind the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Until this day is still not known when the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released. The possibility of a new generation of the Android smartphone will be launched next year. Estimated specs revealed, where the Samsung Galaxy S6 display resolution qHD display, Samsung Exynos 5433 processor 64-bit with 4GB of RAM. The handset which has a 20MP camera is powered with Android OS version 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sightings Photos

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sightings Photos

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sightings Photos (Photo Source: Phonesreview)

Here it is the approximate shape of the next Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 which will be launched in the future. Apple Conspiracy make predictions design seen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone. Galaxy S6 will wear a plastic material that is protected unibody nano layer called 'hyperskin', which looks very amazing, comfortable touch, or be touched.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will also use the system GravityUX with Android 6.0 operating system. Then, 18MP camera embedded, where the gadget will be used to record high-quality videos with a resolution of 4K.

The most horrendous is the battery, which is expected to survive used to strenuous activity for a week. In addition, the Galaxy S6 could also be bent without causing severe damage. The screen used S-OLED display of 4.5-inch display with HD Super cool 2K. Expected to release in april 2015.