27 September 2014

Specifications And Price of Samsung Galaxy S6

As we know behold a few months ago has been the release of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3. And now the company Samsung will soon release its latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone which has a specification that is very high quality and classy, with a more slim design and elegant appearance. Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released in April 2015.

Specifications And Price of Samsung Galaxy S6

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6 uses Operating System cooler than previous versions of the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will use Android v5.0. Not only is it the Samsung Galaxy S6 is also equipped with a 20 MP primary camera and to achieve both reach 4 MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6 also comes with Internal memory supporting up to 64 GB and memory card supported up to 128 GB, which will support any applications running when played. For more details see the following specifications:

Display : 3D OLED Foldable Screen, 16M Color
Water & Dust Resistant
Body : 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm
Memory : 32/64/128 GB; RAM 4GB
Processor : Exynos 5 Hexa Core processor with 6 Core ARM-Mali T628
Sound : 3.5mm, USB
Data : 2G/3G/4G LTE,5G
Camera : Primary 20 Megapixel and Secondary Camera : 4-7 Megapixel
OS : Android v5.0 Tizen OS
Battery : till 4000mAh; Up to 36 h

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Price of Samsung Galaxy S6

Regarding the price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 we do not get valid information. This is because there has been no official announcement of the Samsung Company. However, of the outstanding issues is rumored that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will be sold at a price USD900. Stay tuned for more of our latest news on Samsung Galaxy S6.