Tips Fixing 10 Printer Problems With Quick and Easy

During use the printer, you may have experienced the following problems: The printer can not print, can print but blank paper, the printed page is not complete, the indicator light flashes continuously, the paper can not get in or out of the printer, the print is striped, and trouble-other problems.

When you see these symptoms, the following measures can hopefully help you before bringing the printer to printer repair service provider.

Fixing Problems In Printer With Quick and Easy

The problems that frequently appear on the printer :

Case 1 Printer Can not Print

There are several possible causes for the printer can not print. Start by checking the following points:

* Check the printer power cable, whether it has been properly connected.
* Make sure the printer's power button (ON) is on, if not already on, try to use another power cord.
* Check the printer data cable connection, if properly connected in parallel port / USB port of a computer or printer. If it still does not work you can use another data cable.
* When you use the printer connected to the parallel port and your computer using Windows OS, try running the following commands at the DOS prompt: C:\>dir>>LPT1
* Make sure you have installed the printer driver.
* Try using a standard text editor on your operating system to print something (eg notepad). If the application can print a text editor, then most likely the problems not on the printer.
* Try changing the printer settings into "Default Printer".
* Make sure you have enough hard drive space. If the buffer is not enough then the data can not be sent to the printer perfectly.
* Try changing the settings "spooler" to the printer via the printer properties menu. Features "spooler" is used so that you can run the application while it is printing.
* Check whether there is a resource conflict with the ports used printer. Use the help of "hardware troubleshooter" in the event of a conflict.

This case may be due to a port of your computer is in trouble. To find out, try to move your printer port connection to another port (eg USB1 to USB3) or try the printer on another computer.

Tips Fixing 10 Printer Problems With Quick and Easy

Case 2 Printer's Prints Results is Blank

This case is generally caused by ink or toner cartridge printer consumable / empty. The solution is to replace the ink, toner or ribbon printer with a new one. Do not forget to check if there is something blocking the head with the paper (eg plastic seal on a new printer).

In inkjet printers, often occurs in the head dry ink because the printer has not been used so that the blockage. If your printer is an easy detachable head, this problem can be solved by following this simple way:

* Remove the head and printer cartridge.
* Separate the ink cartridge from the head.
* Do not touch the electronic circuits around the printer head because it can damage it.
* Take hot water, pour into a bowl.
* Dip the tip of the head to the hot water, do not let the water touch the electronic circuits around the head.
* Shake the head to melt the ink in the head.
* Repeat the above steps using the new hot water, until the water remains clear that you are using (not contaminated with ink from the head)
* Dry the head with a soft cloth until it is completely clear.
* Bring back the ink cartridge with the head. I suggest using a cartridge that is still new.
* Replace the head and cartridge in the printer, and then try to print.

Case 3 Printer Print Results Not Complete

This problem can be caused by several things. But to fix this you can do the following steps:

* Check the printer connection to a computer, try the connection is perfect.
* Check the data cable, or try changing to use another data cable.
* Check the printer driver, whether it is appropriate or not. If necessary, update or reinstall the drivers with the latest version.
* Check if the document or damaged data that you print. Data errors can result in incomplete printout or print is not complete.
* Make sure the page settings in the application you are using is correct.
* Make sure you have the hard drive and memory capacity sufficient to buffer the data.
* Check if you need a printer maintenance procedures at a given time.

Case 4 The printer indicator lights flashing

There are several possible reasons a printer indicator light continues to flash, which are:

* Cartridge not installed properly.
* Position the cartridge is not right.
* Cartridge not suitable for the printer.
* There is no paper in the printer.
* There is a paper stuck in the printer.
* Turn off the printer for a while, then turn it back on.

Case 5 Paper Can not Be Entering into the Printer

If when going to print but the paper does not go, then to overcome the following steps you can do:

* Try reloading the paper into the printer.
* If there is, set the paper size selection switch corresponding to its size.
* Check the possibility of too many sheets of paper is loaded.
* Check if the paper is in good condition, not crumpled or warped.
* Check the paper size is the same for each page.
* Check if there are any other paper in the printer clogged.
* Check if the printer door has been closed properly.

Case 6 Paper Jam - Paper Can not Get out of the printer or Stuffy/Stuck

To release the clogged paper in the printer, do the following steps:

* Turn off the printer by pressing the power button.
* Disconnect the printer power cable from the electrical connector.
* Remove the paper from the tray.
* Open the printer door.
* If possible, unplug the printer door by pulling the handle on both sides and then lift up.
* Open the paper separator (if any).
* Hold the paper clogged on both sides and pull it out slowly.
* After successfully issued paper, paper lid back separator (if any).
* Replace the printer door.
* Close the printer door.
* Insert the paper into the tray and trying to do the printing.

Case 7 Striped prints

For ink jet (printer ink), often times the incidence of dirty printer head. clean the printer head by means of nozzle check and head cleaning later. It can be through Printer Settings in the printer driver. For dot-matrix printer, this case could be due to the mechanical components troubled head. If this case happens, you must bring your dot-matrix printer to a service person to replace existing components.

Case 8 Features Not Functioning

Make sure you use a printer driver that is issued by the manufacturer. Make sure the driver is designed for your computer's operating system. Or using the latest version of the driver. Make sure you have met the requirements proposed by the manufacturer printer to use a particular feature.

Case 9 Printer Working with Slow

The case is mostly caused due to memory full, both computer memory as well as memory in the printer. To fix this follow the following steps:

* For the operating system Windows XP / 200 / NT, you must provide the disk space of at least 120 MB.
* Do not run other applications that will suck up memory.
* Make sure the computer is clean of viruses computer.
* Check the back of your printer configuration.
* Try to check disk defragmentation.
* If the above does not solve the problem, try to compare the speed of your printer to print on another computer. If on the other computer it can be faster, the possibility of the mainboard components that handle communication between computer and printer you start to wear out.

Case 10 Printed printer font is different from the usual 

Are you using the "True Type Font"? The use of a type of font this will result in the same mold as the one on the computer screen. The solution is to change the font that you use a font type "True Type Font". Check also if you use the font files available on your computer. If you use a postscript printer font type, via the "Printer Preferences". Also make sure the printer driver is not problematic.
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