Wave - Web Based Accounting Software

May be many of you who use the web-based accounting software. One of the services that can be used for these activities is the Wave. Wave experiencing quite a lot of progress in recent years, both in number of users and the workings of the site itself.

This web-based accounting software remains the only site competitive double-entry accounting that does not charge to the customer. You are only charged for electronic payment and payroll processing, which is standard practice.

Wave - Web Based Accounting Software

Wave has added payroll processing capabilities so that a more integrated and affordable. They also improve the interface for the user, and the navigation is simple. Currently Wave is available also on smartphones and tablet applications shaped that used to accept payments online and take a photo of the receipt to be used in your company file.

Wave - Web Based Accounting Software

But Wave still has a few things that must be developed if it is to compete with QuickBooks Online Plus or Premium 10 Xero web-based accounting software should offer features such as purchase orders, item-level tracking and better contact management, and support for Android devices .

Credible Accounting Tool

Wave offers many features needed by small businesses, especially for users of double-entry accounting. Wave provides features and General Ledger Chart of Accounts by default. So you do not have to understand debits and credits to make transactions, balances quite see it in the list and enter the transaction journal. Financial reports can be exported into Excel format, CSV, PDF and includes General Ledger, Trial Balance (balance sheet) and the Income Statement (profit and loss).

Features Accounts Receivable (accounts), you can create and customize invoice (both one-time and recurring) and estimation, and payment records. Wave has partnered with Stripe to support electronic payments with a 2.9 percent fee per transaction. You can include the "Pay Now" on the invoice so that the customer can easily pay with credit cards.

An iPhone application facilitates remote sales transactions. Funds transferred will require more time to reach your bank account, which is about seven days. While QuickBooks Online claims transfer process can reach two or three days. However, there are no setup fees or monthly minimums. Your transaction can include sales tax, and you can create linked reports like Income by Customer (revenue by customer), Aged Receivables (futures accounts), and the Sales Tax Report (report sales tax).

This web-based accounting software also provides credit services. You can enter and pay bills. You can also move the receipts into a file by sending it to receipts@waveapps.com, take a picture with your iPhone or Android device and synchronize with the site, or use the Wave web application to upload from your computer.

Need to Know about Wave App

You can use this web-based accounting software as an accounting tool manually, enter all your income and expenses by typing it into the field provided. You can still send invoices, create reports, and others. This web-based accounting software will save you time.

But it would be more useful if you let it download cash transactions, bank and credit cards so that you only need to insert the occasional transaction. You do this by entering the user name and password that you use to log into each individual account online. Wave then download your transactions on a regular basis. If you want, you can download a statement from the original site and upload it to the Wave.

Wave accompanied with a bank reconciliation, but it is better you see a transaction you downloaded every few days. You should ensure that the description, category, and the number is correct, then click on the check mark in the column "Verified Balance" to indicate that the transaction is valid. You can also add detail, split transactions, or make bill payments. If the checking account on a regular basis, you are likely to get an unpleasant surprise at the time of reconciliation.

Regarding Navigation and Payroll

Wave has undergone changes in its user interface. Left vertical panel contains tabs that open each section of the site. First is Dashboard, a quick overview of your finances that displays recent activity and financial snapshot. Click on the tab, such as Invoices, Transactions and Accounting, brings you to a new screen that is very neat and clean which outlines the activities available there.

Button and use the main dropdown list, though you sometimes have to enter the data. A small wheel icon in the top right of the screen opens to make the customer, vendor, and product records, set the sales tax, and make other preferences known.
Payroll is a relatively new tool in the Wave is quite flexible and affordable. Basically the cost is $ 5 per month, and the first ten employees is $ 4 per month. Payroll accounting is integrated with the main site, and was able to work like that offered by competitors Wave, with one major exception, which does not offer a way to send the filing and payment of payroll taxes. It will calculate the tax for each employee, which you can grab from the Wage & Tax Report.

This web-based accounting software are working on adding this capability, and they hope to reach 50 countries by the end of 2014 (at an additional cost). In the meantime, you can test this payroll tool uses a special online preview.

Premium Support

Although access to the Wave and its online help system for free and unlimited, but the Wave still offers three premium packages. For $ 9 per month (Plus Package), you get an online chat with experts Wave and money back guarantee. You can add unlimited telephone support at a cost of $ 19 per month (Advanced Package). For the cost of $ 99, you will have access to all the features of the Advanced Package for 90 days, plus 60 minutes of coaching with a Certified Wave Pro.

There is no one-size-fits-all online accounting solution. But there is no site that offers free double-entry accounting as practiced Wave. For small businesses and the self-employed, must see Wafe first to find out whether they have to pay for their accounting solution. If not, the Wave is the right choice. For every person who needs full functionality of accounting serv paid online, however, you can use the QuickBooks Online Plus. Links to the websites Wave.
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