26 September 2014

How to Increasing Team Work Productivity

Increasing the productivity of a person includes a hard job let alone organize a team. To lead a team, you have to make every person in it moving. That is, each person is given the same attention and direction. Staying further how each individual capture these referrals and develop abilities.

Many entrepreneurs think that more compensation is the only way to increase the productivity of the team. Though the idea is very simple. There are other components that contribute to the dynamics of a team.

The key to making teams work effectively and has the same manner that the constant communication. Go to your them, talk, and make sure they understand what is directed by you. This may take some time. You can build efficiencies in the process by using technologies such as chat or video. Make sure you send the right message to the right people. Here's how to build a team productivity.

How to Increasing Team Work Productivity

How to Increasing Team Work Productivity

1. Focus On Small Step Big Impact

Make sure everyone understands the goals they want to achieve. After that, whatever is done, they will think back what tactics they make will be even closer or away from the target set.

A team sometimes get stuck in the round in which they searched for the right scenario to achieve the goal. Though it takes a long time and is not efficient. You can lend a hand yourself make the team focus determine the next step to be taken so as not to get stuck in "analysis paralysis pattern".

2. All People Must Contribute

Give good job big or small to any person about they can do well. Each job will definitely depend on the role of the other. You can make them more willing to help other colleagues in resolving work problems.

3. Eliminate Job Stress

Although no work without a hitch, but do not make work in a team atmosphere was "hot". The company is now trying to get a big productivity with little human resources. However, there are consequences behind it all, the effects of stress on employees could happen let alone work as a team where each job draped along the internal conflict can be ignited easily. Nothing wrong with giving something refreshing, make their return as the team sticking together so that they can contribute to the company.

4. Waged Spirit Work

To make people work with passion, make them come back feeling amazed at the type of work performed. Give the new challenges that make them re-learn and develop his abilities. That way, there is no saturation occurs where every day they do the same work over and over again.

A great team is not coming from a leader who mastered the terrain and expert management, large organizations do not have to have children or staff lots of fruit and abundant facilities. A team can be described as a family, the one with the other members have roles and functions to support the achievement of a goal that has been agreed upon and planned together.

Goal achieved because a team can work productivity of each unit increases and realized. To achieve its objectives, it is necessary cohesiveness and unity in the line of duty or employment of all staff sections that exist within the organization. Now let's peel what affects work productivity.

Compactness or cohesiveness is one of the devices forming the behavior and performance of the team. Compactness is defined as the degree of mutual interest between team members motivated them to remain a member of the team. Each team is different in terms of determining the level of compactness.

There are teams that become compact due to the small team size so that the interactions that occur between members became very intense. The other team becomes compact as much spending time together. In addition to the size of the team, because of the compactness could distinguish the status of the team with other teams, such as the level of difficulty for new people to join the team is very high or the team known as the team who often face challenging experiences shared successfully completed.

For each organization, cohesiveness of the team is an important factor because it has a relationship with work productivity. Labor productivity is generally expressed in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Effective means of successfully meeting the needs of consumers in this context the student and can be measured through the level of satisfaction of the relevant student services. While efficient means to reach the lowest possible cost effectiveness. Measure of the efficiency of which is the success of each staff in serving the student, employee output per hour of work, or a decreased level of a complaint.

The last element is the emergence of a great team: the establishment of a solid sense of togetherness or spirit of togetherness (Corsa spirit) in order to achieve team goals. Well to be raised togetherness, caring attitude for among team members and also to the enthusiastic attitude of mutual help and coordination as well as communication to foster brotherhood.

Togetherness in the team should be built with emotional bonding. Try to share to a teammate in a state of love and grief, and cultivate mutual trust and affection for each other and work together to care for the realization of a common goal.

Most important of all it is a mutual awareness of each employee and the leadership that no organization is immune to conflict. Viruses conflict can come anytime and do not need to be invited, the virus will come itself.

Every organization, especially the employees only need to get the "immunization". And immunization was named common goal .. (not a personal goal) with this, the team will continue to build unity and away from all the virus that will eat away at the body of the organization.