List 5 Best Computer Company and the Largest in the World

Some of this year's PC business which consists of a laptop or desktop computer reportedly not as sweet as the first. Currently many consumers are tempted to use tablets or smartphones instead of buying a new computer device. IDC research results recorded a decrease to 14% in the first quarter. Several major computer vendors finally experiencing a significant drop in sales. However, some companies are still able to sell quite a lot of computers, especially large companies that are above. Here's a list of the name of the largest computer company in the world from the bottom to the top which is issued by IDC:

List 5 Best Computer Company and the Largest in the World

List 5 Best Computer Company and the Largest in the World


Asus ranks 5 of the list of names in the world's largest and best computer company. From the existing data capable Asus shipped 4.4 million units of computers in the first quarter of 2013 with 5.7% market share. The Taiwanese company sales decreased 19.2% compared to 2012 last year. Asus is now selling laptops and computer-based Windows 8 Not only that, Asus has also released a Windows tablet PCs as well as Android. The company also recently released Asus MemoPad, an Android tablet PC is priced. Currently Asus is also trying to make a breakthrough on the Android device and called PadFone. PadFone is a smartphone that can be incorporated with the PC.


Acer only able to ship 6.2 million units of laptops and computers in the first quarter of 2013 and reach a market share of only 8.1%. Companies that are in a position to fourth in the list of name-largest PC company in the world is suffering from a significant percentage decrease in the rate of 31.1%. And similar to that done by the other PC vendors, the company is trying to anticipate consumer transition to a tablet or smartphone. The company created a line of android tablet, named Iconia tablets and also Windows. Acer company is also trying to jump into the smartphone industry. Although their work is not very successful, Acer smartphone brands continue to release new models consistently.


The company is able to make himself a great third place in the list of names in the world's largest and best PC company. This vendor had shipped 9 million units in the first quarter of a computer in 2013 with market share of 11.8%. The company experienced a drop in sales of 10.9% compared to the previous year in 2012 PC company founded by Michael Dell was not as good as it could be said once again. The company also try your luck in the world of smartphones, but the same fate as fellow underneath, Acer. The company also does not reap a fortune as expected. Some time ago the company reportedly will not sell shares again the stock exchange floor. The company will be managed entirely by Michael Dell himself.


Ranks second on the list of largest and best computer company name, making it still remains exis vendor in the PC industry. Lenovo recorded able to do as much as 11.7 million shipments of computer items successfully targeting their products and market share up to 15.3%. Lenovo is the only PC manufacturer shipments devices does not degrade like other peers. Company from China is indeed on the rise, while other PC companies are experiencing the unpleasant. In the smartphone industry, the company also began to flap its wings. Especially in his home country, China. In the country's bamboo curtain Lenovo gain market share very significant.

Hewlett Packard

The company tops the list of names released by IDC company. The company recorded can ship as many as 12 million units of computers in the first quarter of 2013, which stood at 15.7% market share. This data is dropped as much as 23.7% in 2012 in one period. The computer maker has long been become the largest computer company in the world. Triumph of the company is also supported by the success of Compaq brands that also belong to this company. However, HP have to worry with the intense pressure of aggressive Chinese vendors.
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