23 September 2014

HP Slate 21 Pro - Latest Desktop Computers with System Android Jelly Bean

Android system is likely to continue to grow in the 2014's. After the outbreak in smartphones, now turn to the desktop computer infected this green robot operating system. At CES 2014, manufacturers do not miss Toshiba computer product showcase its latest all-in-one, HP Slate 21 Pro, which interestingly equipped with the Android operating system. Latest android desktop computer is also equipped with a kitchen runway best for office activities to learn. Vendors expect this new device gives an interesting experience for you that is saturated with the existing business.

HP Slate 21 Pro - Latest Desktop Computers with System Android Jelly Bean

HP Slate 21 Pro - Latest Desktop Computers with System Android Jelly Bean 


Computer All in One HP Slate 21 Pro has a minimalist design and sturdy. As an all-in-one PC, all components of the computer in this case the CPU is located on the back of the monitor. This device comes with a size of 495x493x166 mm with a fairly heavy weight 10 kg.

HP claims the latest computer itself is quite sturdy and resilient as a new desktop computer. Part monitor designed kick stand is quite simple and not too rigid so as to be set to provide a comfortable viewing angle. You can even make this device like a tablet.


Minimalist computer using the HP Slate 21 pro monitor LCD screen 21.5-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD. The screen is equipped with technology touchsreen. Screen size is wide enough detail display images and video with HD quality. You even get three navigation buttons like that contained in the tablet or smartphone.


For the audio problem, HP pinning two speakers and subwoffer. To support this sound device, also pinned Envy Audio technology and Beats Audio that sounds more clear and jarring.

Ports and Webcam

to support the functions of the computer, latest desktop computers made ​​by HP widescreen is equipped with a 2 megapixel webcam Full HD 1080 pixels. In the meantime, there are several ports that are placed also on the side and back of the monitor for easy connection of this device to another device. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI input, VGA in / out, audio ports, power port, until the internal TV tuner optional. There are also several audio ports as speaker microphone jack and a Micro SD slot.


As a new desktop computer, of course HP Slate 21 Pro has a specification that is not unusual for a business computer. However, you can not underestimate the performance of this device. This minimalist computer diotaki NVIDIA Tegra 4 2.5 Ghz speed. Additional 2 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 8 GB also further maximize device performance All in One PC's screen width. This configuration brings you highly qualified activities such as kitchen runway impressed despite a tablet.

Graphics Performance

Minimalist computer made ​​by HP has qualified dami NVIDIA graphics processor with 1GB DDR3 VRAM. It is expected that the combined processor and graphics processor from Nvidia, this device does not lag when playing a game with high graphics level.


The latest HP desktop computer has been equipped with the operating system Androd 4.3 Jelly Bean. With this operating system, a wide-screen features require a touchscreen in navigation. Nevertheless, this computer can be operated with a mouse and a wireless keyboard.

Configuration and Other Features

If you want to add a mouse and keyboard devices, HP has been providing wireless technology or a USB slot which can be used for a wireless keyboard and mouse. You can also tether the optional external DVD Super Multi / Blu-ray Writer. To save the data - the data, HP internal storage memory capacity is only 8 GB and 128GB SSD.


HP has introduced the All in One PC widescreen, the HP Slate at CES 2014 pro 21 you can buy them online in the range of $ 400-500 comparable with the specifications that you want.


HP did not seem to want to pass up the middle of the open gap in the marketplace widescreen desktop computer gadgets. The release of the latest desktop computer, the HP Slate 21 pro provides a new color in the computer world. Equipped with Android 4.3 system, this device is more like a giant tablet mmang than an office computer. Nevertheless, some additional helpful applications pre-loaded, such as Kingsoft Office Suite, Citrix XenMobile, vernote, Skype, and HP Classroom Manager, maximize the device.