14 October 2014

Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology) Good, Qualified, Communicative

Some of the readers may already have a qualified IT skills than others. But if spilled into written form was very difficult, and even feels more difficult than calculus problem solving. As if it was a dead end; how to make the opening line, what to write, how to make a closing sentence, etc.. Plus indecision when the article has been made but not being loaded with a variety of reasons.

It looks like a row of questions that I mentioned above are some of the questions on the mind of the reader who wants to write an article IT but still confronted with obstacles. In this article I try to share some simple tips in making an IT article, of course, based on the experience of writing I've done since I was in college today.

Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology)

How To Start Writing?
  1. Starting from the idea
  2. Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology) Good, Qualified, Communicative
    Beginning an activity of writing is the idea, that is what we will write. This idea can come from anywhere, anytime and anywhere. One example of my experience was when one day I received an email invite to join a mailing list in Coollist. From there I got the idea to make a post about ways to create a mailing list in Coollist, where most people are new to the mailing list at Yahoogroups. It could be the idea of ​​writing. Finally, the text I created and can be loaded in one of the computer magazines. Another example when the Sobig worm attacks, then this could be the idea of ​​writing about how the Sobig worm, which attacked and what other things that need to be known to the reader. It should be noted, if you want to create an IT article, look for interesting ideas and a lot of people need to know. For example, the idea of ​​writing "The Changing Desktop Wallpaper". It is the idea of ​​writing that is less attractive, because most people already know. But if the idea is "Changing Wallpaper in Desktop via the Registry", then become an interesting idea and probably most people do not know. With the development of information technology, IT problems presumably writing ideas are endless. On the other hand you have to continue to observe the development of IT to encompass new ideas are fresh and the needs of society.
  3. "Topography"
  4. Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology) Good, Qualified, Communicative
    To make an article you should also do a "topography". This is important if you want to send the text to the media. You need to know the media. Since each medium has a delivery style, writing style, depth discussion of different segments adapted to readers. The obvious example of this kind; You make writing a scientific IT entitled "Computer System Architecture" journal writing style and is filled with scientific terms. This kind of writing is certainly less fit when you send it to the general mass media, because the readers are not researchers or scientists. And vice versa. Each medium has its own unique segment of readers. With the "topography" of this you can know the ins and outs of the media is concerned. This will certainly increase the odds of your writing to be published in the media. To do a "topography" is the minimum you should frequently read relevant media on a regular basis. Not necessarily have to buy, you can make friends with stall keepers can read the newspaper so the media free of charge :).
  5. Framing Posts
  6. Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology) Good, Qualified, Communicative
    Next is to make the outline. Write down the things you want to convey to the reader. Adjust the depth of the material with the intended media. For example, in an article entitled "Viruses, Worms and Trojan", you need to explain: What is a virus, worm and trojan Why be called viruses, worms and trojans Why is it feared? What's so dangerous? Examples of viruses, worms and trojans How to protect your computer from viruses, worms and trojans Make an outline of the things you will write. Estimate also the length of your posts later on.
  7. Looking for Reference Materials
  8. Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology) Good, Qualified, Communicative
    Many reference sources for materials for your input in making paper. Could from books, magazines, tabloids, or the paper that you have for this collection. A writer should ideally have a personal library. It will help you later. Additionally you need to get used to visiting your local library. Other reference source is the Internet. The latter is very useful for you to obtain the most current information at low cost. The problem is the Internet is a "forest" of information. To find information about an issue like looking for a needle in the hay. For the use of search engines. It will be helpful in finding information. In addition, you do have to be diligent to access the internet to find places resources.
  9. Creating Posts
  10. Article Writing Tips of IT (Information Technology) Good, Qualified, Communicative
    "From where to start?", Maybe this is the first question on a new terbesit started to write. At the time of the first school, we are taught to start writing from the title, then to the opening or introductory sentence, continue to browse the problem and came to the conclusion that the cover. Everything chronologically. This method is not wrong. But I have to make its own way of writing. Start from anywhere that you like and that you think is easy. Can the closing sentence first, first can of contents, or from the title. Such as you have a good closing sentence and memorable, you can write first. Or if you have a "buzzword" good when inserted in the body of your manuscript, you can start from here. Make the title did not necessarily have to be done the first time. The title could you make the last time after the writing is finished. It all depends on your taste and spaciousness of you. This method is certainly easier and does not burden you. After writing goes wrong, you get in on the final stages of completion. At this stage you are trying to read your writing again to check. If you come across things that are wrong or less you can fix. At this stage you can do a "smoothing language" so that your writing be interesting to read.
  11. Starting from the Short Posts
  12. Feel heavy when you are not used to writing but to be forced to make a long post. Do not burden yourself, start easy for you. Make it brief writings about the specific problem. For example, about tricks or how to use a software. Posts about tricks usually only form the steps to do a thing. Examples are "Changing Wallpaper through the registry", or "Creating Files split with Winzip". If you already know how, you can write it down. Not much different from writing about tricks, writing about how to use the program was almost the same. It contained only a step-by-step use of the program coupled with brief information about the program. For example, "HMN Web Gallery Creator - Create Web Gallery In Instant" which was published in one of the computer magazines. With brief writings which you can use to practice your writing skills. Gradually you can write the articles that need large-scale two or three different editions are loaded.
  13. Write not Know Retirement
  14. Writing is a fun activity. Writing can be a profession that does not know the word retirement. Over time your professionalism increases. With writing you educate a lot of people from the writing alone. An Internet expert Indonesia is now also active in writing once said that writing was more devastating impact of conveying knowledge orally. In addition, if your writing is loaded of course there will be fees that can add to your pocket money. So, why not write from now?

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