Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System (OJS)

This afternoon I attended a meeting of journal writing for students who have followed a comprehensive examination or thesis examination. This is a follow up of the Higher Education policy requires students who will complete a Bachelor's Degree studies to write the manuscript journal of their thesis research.

I also once had long not updating this blog post. Then suddenly I got an idea to write the latest news, considering there are interesting things I learned today.

In this paper I do not intend to write about the guide makes the manuscript to the journal, but I wanted to write about my curiosity about "how to create an open journal system (OJS)." This online open journal system will be accessible through the website of IT courses.

Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System

Finally a friend of lecturer in the office asked me about the Open Journal System. I was confused what he meant, and he explained briefly that it is a system that can be used to create an online journal.

Without a length, I was then googling to find information about the Open Journal System. Finally comes the variety of information about the Open Journal Systems.

Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System

What's Open Journal System

Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System

After clicking here and there, I then began to understand that online journaling system is proved to be a CMS that works to make the online journal. One of the blogs that I read explained that the OJS (Open Journal Systems) is a free application to organize and publish an online journal, a journal management system that can be installed either on the local server or on a server hosting.

Advantages of Using Open Journal System

OJS is designed to save time and energy devoted to administrative tasks and related managerial journals, while improving record keeping and efficiency of editorial processes. It aims to improve the quality of journal publishing scientific and public through a number of innovations, from making journal policies more transparent to improving indexing.

OJS cover all relevant aspects of the online journal publications, ranging from building a website online journal for operational tasks such as writing the delivery process, the process of review, editing, archiving and indexing journal publications. OJS can also help manage users in organizing journals, such as track work of editors, reviewers and authors, notifications via email automatically and there is also a feature for correspondence.

How To Create Open Journal System

Because I got a chance to make a scientific journal. Direct occurred Joomla customization! (or Drupal), because the experience several times apply. But another thought emerged: the opportunity to gain experience with the Open Journal System (OJS) which is also free and open source. With OJS specifically for scientific journals, of course minimal customization and features related to scientific journals must have been available. The problem is not having applying flying hours, including at the local computer.

  1. Installation
  2. Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System
    Download OJS 2.3.7 and install on the local computer with the help of the README file on the installation of OJS, OJS guide is provided, and documentation of manufacturer OJS (PKP). Once installation is complete, immediate ... got PROBLEMS! Okay ... nothing is instant, let's find a solution. It seems that the setting of the Apache or PHP on the local computer needs to be addressed. Rather than setting long-tampering Apache and PHP, try to directly install in the (web) hosting provided. His previous public_html directory in the password first of cpanel let 'trial-and-error' invisible visitors and do not always indexed Pakde Google. Sip, operates perfectly.
  3. Redirecting
  4. Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System
    OJS was developed to manage more than one journal, so the first entry displayed is the list of journals. Log in to the administration page, click "Site Administrator" to manage the overall OJS. To create a journal, click "Hosted Journal". Then do the "Journal Setup" (user home> journaling manager> Setup). The problem, if only for an OJS journal so when visitors access the domain name of the journal that appears is a list of journals (only one) not to journal the address http://domain-name/index.php/journal-name. Originally thought to redirect via cpanel. But it turns out the "Hosted Journal" available option "Redirect Journal".
  5. Article entry
  6. OJS has the ability to handle the entire process of scientific journal publications. Manuscript from the author, until sales can all be done online. So the user OJS set into Reader, Author, Editor, Reviewer, and so on until the Layout Editor and Journal Manager Subscription Manager includes, in addition. Then when entering the old script does have to go through all that process? Wow, Is 'complicated mode' must be on-right? ahaha ..: lol
  7. QuickSubmit Plugin
  8. Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System
    Try exploration of the features of the "Journal Manager", it turns out there are QuickSubmit Plugin (Journal Manager> Import / Export Data> QuickSubmit Plugin) for One-step submission. After making edition as Editor (Create Issue) and publish it. Then with QuickSubmit Plugin the articles that have been published is entered and is associated with a particular issue. Slight problem with QuickSubmit plugin, uploaded pdf file should appear as the words "PDF" in the Full-text journal articles, but that appears is "Untitled". Edit spend time. Finally files can be edited. It should be noted also, for the same authors with different articles, the author of the data to be loaded completely equal. Otherwise it will be considered a different author.
  9. Restricted Access
  10. Create Open Access Source Journals with Open Journal System
    Administrator wants article last 3 years can not be downloaded. This restriction is set at step 4 setup journal (User Home> Journal Manager> Setup> Management) and current edition publishing / open access issue date is set to the specified date will automatically be accessible to visitors. Actually, there is an option "Delayed Open Access" but the calculation of the Create Issue is not necessarily in accordance with the edition date of issue.
  11. Template
  12. OJS use "Smarty Template Engine" to set the display plus the data. To be more simple to be made in order to display side by side with a cover of the journal table of contents. A forum post on OJS provide a solution. Smarty also allows inserting php code in the template. If the PDF file is large lot better than OJS template is set to directly download it without first view.
  13. Single name
  14. OJS requires first-name and last-name user unfilled. How the author with a single name? This issue is a bug that will be fixed in the next version. How is the current version? In this journal site use "-" on a first-name, then the template is set to display the author's name if the "first-name = -" it is not displayed.
  15. Download Non Article
  16. OJS automatically create a "pdf file article" can be downloaded. How to file in addition to the article, such as the call for papers and order forms can be downloaded as well? And how to upload it? OJS provides features Files Browser to upload a file, but only certain users can download it. Common files that can be downloaded are located in the "public" is not uploading through OJS. Created Softlink (symbolic link) directories 'public' directory that is accessible to the Files Browser.
  17. Visitor Statistics
  18. OJS supports integration with multiple applications visitor statistics-also support the View Report csv format. Visitor statistics using phpMyVisites is actually being replaced by Piwik. Unfortunately Piwik 1.7.1 can not be installed perfectly in hosting the journal. Some other interesting features to be used is the Static Pages plugin is useful to make a static page for additional information. Also Custom Block Manager to create a special block easily. With OJS also easily become a contributor portal, interconnection information of scientific papers.
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