Widescreen Smartphone Lenovo S920 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

Nowadays many smartphone users who are interested in the big screen but still remain comfortable touch that we often hear the word phablet. Widescreen smartphone is booming but there are some who carry the good performance and cheap but poor features and some are accompanied by cool features but less good at performance. To that end we will compare the two smartphones both have the wide-screen Lenovo S920 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8. But whether it has good performance and features are cool and complete. The following discussion of the compare Lenovo S920 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

Widescreen Smartphone Lenovo S920 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8


Lenovo S920 has 5.3inchi screen size is slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8. Both smartphones include phablet class because it has a wide screen. S920 has a wide body and a more comfortable grip for large hands. Rear surface of the plastic body wrap but looks sleek and shiny.

Widescreen Smartphone Lenovo S920 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

While the Galaxy Mega has a slim body so although large, was comfortable and solid when held. In other parts of the body side coated silver color that gives the impression of elegance. Galaxy Mega curved shape on the sides that give the appearance that is so dynamic.

For touch sensitivity, S920 carries a 10 point touch screen response feels so smooth though the screen is not scratch-resistant. While the Galaxy Mega offers a multitouch screen type that is more intuitive operation with capacitive technology.

Excess S920 design with IPS technology on display capable of displaying colors naturally, with the object detail is quite sharp. There is also the option Automatic Brightness for easy adjustment of the screen with the surrounding environment. While the advantages of design of the Galaxy Mega with the density of 190ppi image, so that the display is so sharp and clear images. So ideal for watching videos, browsing, or doing office work.


Galaxy Mega 5.8 as phablet high end, equipped with a Dual Core processor speed 1.4 GHz Broadcom BCM28155T. Combined with 1.5 GB of RAM memory for multitasking so smoothly. Meanwhile, S920 carrying MTK 6589 Quad Core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz.

Performance matters more qualified than the Galaxy Mega S920. RAM memory that belongs to the Galaxy Mega S920 still below the 1 GB. But a variety of activities can still run smoothly. Internal capacity of 8 GB Galaxy Mega is equipped with an additional external slot up to 32 GB. When compared with the S920 is only equipped with 4 GB but fortunately there is still a microSD slot that supports up to 32 GB.

For both the smartphone operating system has been supported by the latest Android 4.2 system Jelly Bean. For battery life, the Galaxy Mega can survive long enough thanks to a large enough battery capacity is 2600 mAh. while the S920 has a smaller capacity is 2250 mAh. but still can last from morning until evening.

Other Features

In addition to those mentioned above, there are advantages of the Galaxy Mega with the features AirView/Air Gesture. This feature allows you to answer calls simply by waving a hand at the top of the smartphone without pressing the screen. Not only that, change the music, surfing the internet while also enjoying the results of the catches camera. While AirView makes you able to zoom in the content, photos, email and access the speed dial by simply placing the hand at a distance of about 5 cm in front of the screen.

Another feature offered is the Samsung Galaxy Mega HomeSync, Smartstay, and S Voice. HomeSync a personal cloud computing system for the whole family entertainment. Equipped with Mirror Mouse, special navigation which makes things easier. Then Smartstay will detect the direction of our eyes through the sensor found on a smartphone. The display will remain lit as long as our eyes are constantly staring at the screen. Last cool feature on the Galaxy Mega is S Voice. Through this feature you can speak with a smartphone. You speak like as opposed to humans through the voice commands.

What with the many advantages of the features of the Galaxy Mega S920 makes losing performance. Feature on the menus appear and Kingsoft Office Evernote, Facebook and Twitter, Skype and Flashlight. There are games Asphalt 7, Block Breaker, and Little Big City. Besides Play Games from Google, unisex Gameloft Live. Lenovo typical applications are shown, including the Lenovo Power. In addition to Google Maps, there are Route 66 to the GPS. It also seems that Lenovo Compass.

In conclusion, although the terms of the processor is still inferior to the Galaxy Mega S920 yet able to compete with the availability of unique features such as Air Gestures, Smart Stay and S Voice.


Lenovo does not have PC Suite, there is no driver. In addition to the standard options for the USB connection, also directly mounted USB debugging and USB tether, with notes, USB tether does not work when the handset is turn on USB storage. Bluetooth bias is used to exchange files with other handsets, but it does not seem tethering function.

While the Galaxy Mega is superior in terms of connectivity as it is designed to provide adequate connectivity with the touch of your finger, it uses a micro sim and runs on a GSM network. This mobile phone is equipped with a network connection to HSDPA and Wi-Fi for surfing needs. Technology Bluetooth 4.0 comes with A2DP feature for voice and data transmission modes are more optimal. For you who like to hoard the data, the Galaxy Mega provides a microSD slot and can accommodate up to 32 GB of data. Do not stop there, slot micro USB V2.0 also prepared to facilitate you to charge / connect the phone to the other device.


Both smartphones are quite able to compete in terms of the camera. Lenovo brings 8 MP main camera with LED flash and a 2 MP front camera, the camera is fairly standard smartphone today. Similarly Galaxy Mega also has 8 MP primary camera with LED flash and a 1.9 MP front camera. Features also possessed almost the same geotagging, face and smile detection, so your shots will look more perfect.


Prices are quite different, which is around USD380 while the Galaxy Mega S920 around USD290. Overall the Samsung Galaxy Mega able to beat the Lenovo S920 because the price is quite expensive with advanced features but unfortunately the performance is not good. While the S920 good performance but less complete in its features because the price is still below the USD400. Decent smartphone you choose is dependent on your needs.
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