Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpaper Sightings

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpaper Sightings - It is for you that fans of the smartphone made by Samsung, there are more new news for you. What's the news? This is the news about the new smartphone will be the flagship Samsung weapon, especially if not the Samsung Galaxy S6. But actually this time the news is not good news at all, because this time we will only discuss about the wallpaper that going there in the Samsung Galaxy S6. Since Samsung has not released new Galaxy S6 and this will introduce smartphones in the MWC next month, no harm if you first download this smartphone wallpaper.

It seems we have to really thank the name of the internet, because whatever we can get from the internet, including the wallpaper of Samsung Galaxy S6, even find a girlfriend could also via the Internet. Ouch why even be talking about a girlfriend anyway.

Okay back to the Samsung Galaxy S6 wallpaper, wallpaper leaked this time was not entirely, but only one wrote. But anyway even if only one wallpaper but can make you have a smartphone look more cool. Here it is one of the wallpapers sightings that going there in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpaper

It is one of the wallpapers are going to appear on the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is seen that the wallpaper has a color that looks fresh, and at first glance looks like a mix between elements of ice, water, and also metal, looks very artistic right fallow?

Surely the wallpaper is really very different from the existing wallpaper in the Samsung Galaxy S5, where the wallpaper is in the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a prismatic pattern. Samsung Galaxy S6 wallpaper also has a large size resolution, ie 2048 x 2048 and has a size of 1.08MB.