Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ready For Continued Success Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ready For Continued Success Galaxy S6 - If the latter is dominated by rumors of sightings Galaxy S6, this time turn the turn Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge appeared in a leak. Even at this time the leaked image can be practically completely revealed as to what the future design of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

But indeed not entirely, but still limited to showing the design side of it. However, from there was to be expected as what design Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge later. In a leaked picture above, looked screen Galaxy S6 Edge stretched to the side next to the body, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Furthermore, it also leaked images as metal body that will convince owned Galaxy Note Edge. Because the edges look reflects the light, like a typical metal body generally.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

But the real draw is the news leaked. So it is in fact intend leaked images posted by John Legere, called the CEO of T-Mobile, the major operators in the United States. Up can be sure Galaxy S6 certainly will be marketed through a network of T-Mobile.

Because in the post by the person considered to have an important position, analysts also said the leaked Galaxy S6 Edge design was quite valid. Until Galaxy S6 Edge design should be exactly the same when it was released later, at least on its side.

The rest live look of the front and rear are still a puzzle. However based on previous leaks, to look forward Galaxy S6 Edge will not seem much different from the standard version of the Galaxy S6 uses a non-edge screen. As for the rear display has a flat surface in all sides.

You are curious about the Galaxy S6 Edge? as reported previously Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be introduced on 1 March at Mobile World Congress 2015.