Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia X Series Android Smartphone

The Nokia are now already marketed his first Android smartphone to several countries. As a first step, they have to market the Nokia X smartphone to the Indian market and the Philippines. There's a possibility that Indonesia will soon be visited by Nokia's Android smartphone. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia X Series Android Smartphone

Well, for those of you who are interested in Nokia Android smartphones, it should consider several things. There are some advantages and disadvantages that you consider worth before buying this smartphone. Here are some of them.


- Nokia Android Smartphone to give a new color. Unlike other Android smartphones, the Nokia X comes with Android system with different version. This smartphone is built similar to the one carried by the Amazon Kindle Fire with hers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia X Series Android Smartphone

- Bonus 4GB microSD. In his official site, Nokia has revealed that the third Android smartphone supports SD card up to 32GB. In addition, specially for Nokia X+ and XL, they will give you a bonus bundling a 4GB microSD card.

- Strong and sturdy design. As one of the mobile phone manufacturers which used to be the king, the quality of Nokia products would not be doubted. The Finnish company known for its quality in providing a durable mobile design.


- Minus access to Google Play. As an Android smartphone that has been modified, then the Nokia Android smartphone is not equipped with a variety of Google's services. These include Google Play. Instead, you have access to the Nokia Store, which unfortunately has a number of applications less than Google Play. But this can be overcome by step rooting. Rooting? Yep, just like other Android smartphones, cellphones Nokia X can be rooted. Even the process of rooting for this smartphone is not too complicated.

- Performance is less. Three
 Nokia Android smartphone is designed for low-end segment. All the smartphone also comes with a specification that is quite normal. Among these are dual core 1GHz processor and RAM from 512MB to 768MB. So, do not expect to play hardcore games in Nokia's Android smartphone. 

- Issue a software update. Android is an operating system that is highly dynamic. Google continues to develop the operating system in a time that is quite close. And as companies that perform modifications independently Android, Nokia had to replace the role of Google to provide an update for the smartphone products. So,
 Nokia Android users will simply be left behind in terms of Android updates than other smartphones.
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