23 September 2014

The Other Side of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro - Samsung's New Galaxy Tab Can Be Call

Samsung Galaxy Tablet latest re-introduced at CES 2014 Three tablets were introduced products and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro. This product is stealing attention given the previous Samsung had success with a tablet with similar dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 Products of Samsung's latest tablet itself comes with a top-class specifications. What kind of specifications? To find out, see the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab review below.

The Other Side of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro - Samsung's New Galaxy Tab Can Be Call


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro comes with a white glare that makes the design look elegant. The tablet is relatively light for a tablet with a slightly wider dimensions. It weighs only 331 grams. This latest Samsung Galaxy tablet itself comes with a dimension of 219 x 128.5 x 7.2 mm. Dimensions are relatively concise so that luxury design make this tablet is light enough to be grasped.

The Other Side of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro - Samsung's New Galaxy Tab Can Be Call


As the name implies, this new Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a 8.4 inch screen dimensions. The screen is wide enough. Very comfortable when used as a means of entertainment watching the video. Moreover, the type of screen that is quite good the Super clear LCD display which supports capacitive screen technology. Display screen resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels with 359 ppi screen density becomes more distinct values​​. Videos and pictures will be shown clearly by this device. Moreover, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro supports 16 million colors.


It is the most favored of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro is the brains behind this performance. This latest Samsung Galaxy tablet has "ammunition" Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 speed. On paper, the innards of this course is very good. Moreover, the performance of this performance is supported by Adreno 330 graphics processor and 2 GB RAM which is very powerful in bulldoze applications simultaneously.

Internal Memory

The capacity of the internal memory on the latest Samsung Galaxy tablet which is 16 GB. The relatively large capacity. Interestingly, according to the news, the user can also choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro with an internal memory of 32 GB which is greater. If still not, microSD slot can be utilized to increase the internal memory up to 64 GB.


Pro Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 comes with support three networks, namely GSM 2G networks, 3G HSDPA, and 4G LTE. Interestingly, although it brought the concept of the tablet, this device supports the use of micro SIM so that the user can use the latest Samsung Galaxy tablet like a smartphone. Not only that, the presence of some sort of microUSB v2.0 connectivity, Bluetooth v 4.0, GPS, and Wi-Fi make this device more complete in terms of connectivity.


There are two cameras on this latest Samsung Galaxy tablet. The first was in front of the camera with 2 MP sensor while the second camera is the main camera located behind the 8 MP sensor. The rear camera is quite good because it is supported with LED lights. Not only that, this camera is capable of recording Full HD quality video at 60 fps.

Operating Systems and Batteries

The tablet carries the most recent operating system. Android 4.4 KitKat. This operating system is supported by a typical user interface Samsung TouchWiz UI ie. In addition, this latest Samsung Galaxy Tablet run the operating system for a long time. Samsung equips the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 with Pro battery type 4800 mAh Li-Ion battery that can be lit all day.

Price and Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro is a top-class tablet device. The tablet has a variety of interesting functions. Besides can be used to support the work activities, this latest Samsung Galaxy tablet can also function as a smartphone. For users who want a tablet and a smartphone in a single device, this device certainly is the answer. It's just for the needs of call, the user requires additional handsets sort of headphones to communication via phone more convenient. The tablet itself will be marketed by Samsung in the near future. Unfortunately, Samsung has not revealed how much the tablet definitely this one. Let's wait for the presence of this single tablet.