13 October 2014

When Does the New Generation Android Samsung Smartphone Come Out

When Does the New Generation Android Samsung Smartphone Come Out. Samsung will release and remove a new generation of smartphones to the market in 2014 A number of products already on the market, soon changed its status to an old smartphone. Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be shifted Samsung Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6. Galaxy Note 4 also release next year.

The news about the use of Exynos 64-Morsel chipset for the latest product is also strong among observers heard smartphone technology. This chipset will certainly make this Samsung product performance more optimal.

However, Samsung has not confirmed whether the Galaxy S5 using the chipset, the chipset possibility to be installed on the Galaxy and Galaxy Note S6 4 which is the most advanced mobile phone from Samsung.

When Does the New Generation Android Samsung Smartphone Come Out

Specifications Galaxy S5 can be quite impressive, using ExynosOcta Core 64-Morsel processor, 8MP ISOCELL sensor, 3GB RAM, Screen Resolution Full HD and much more. On the other hand Galaxy S6 ԁаn Galaxy Note 4 will use the True Octa-core processor or 16-core processors will carry two fit Truecore processors and 4GB of RAM, 16MP camera with Xenon Flash, QHD resolution of 3200 × 1800, fingerprint identification, fantastic enough to specification android upscale doohickey.

Samsung Galaxy S5 forced to release early, due to attacks from competitors such as the Xperia Z1, iPhone 5S, sales ԁаn Galaxy S4 is quite high, reaching 40jt units for 6 months, can be predicted if the release three smartphones will surely sell well considering the sale of the Galaxy S4 are selling well ԁі market. We wait for the launch of three smartphones next year.

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