Fake Secrets on Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Fake Secrets on Harvest Moon Back To Nature - In the game Harvest Moon Back To Nature indeed there are many kinds of secrets who met while playing it. Start of item confidential, secret place, secret characters, and others. However, there are many news about the secrets that are not true. There are some irresponsible people spreading false stories. Do not know what their purpose is, whether just for fun or just to remember the secret thrill-seeking is one of the major attraction for the curious gamers play the game Harvest Moon Back To Nature to complete.

Fake Secrets on Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Fake Secrets on Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Both horses

The secret is not true. Although it may seem Horse Stable can enter another horse, there is no space in the start menu. Some people think maybe if your horse is NOT taken, you can still use a cheat to get another horse! This is not true! I have personally tested this and you can not get another horse. When I say get another horse, I mean BOTH horses, you can not have two horses at once! You can get another horse if you are taken though! Check out section secret.

Twins Baby

There are rumors that you may have twins in the game. This is also a lie. It is said if you give your wife as much jewelry as possible during her pregnancy, she will be very happy and produce twins, this is not true! There is no space in the start menu, and someone has tested this and it does not work!


There are rumors that you can make ice or get it. This is not true, there is no way to get ice.

100% in Games

After starting a new game, press start immediately when you start the gameplay hold L1 and R1. Press buttons in this order (Triangle triangle X circle circle square square triangle triangle xxx) unpause and pause the game again, you will have a full inventory, all the upgrades animal full, all the tools, all the nuts powers and so on, the only thing you are missing is a wife. This is not true because every time you press the x Start menu closes.

Cooking Festival

Some say that the first person who spoke at the festival winning cook, and if you want to win, you do not talk to anyone. It does NOT work. (Contributed by Otaku)
All the girls want to get married in early summer
At the beginning of the game when the mayor was talking to you about when you were a kid, in the beginning of the film you play with small animals, you can press x, triangle, x, x, square, o, o, x, and all the kids will love you.

Doubling Money

When you submit your vegetables and other things, when Zack comes to your farm right at 5:00 hit the triangle button and he will double the money, but you have to be at the farm at 4:50 and waited.

Fishing Pole

I really think this is true. I remember reading somewhere you must have a Fishing Pole to get a legendary fish, this is not true and this is false. You can catch all the legendary fish with normal Fishing Rod, Pole just something special.

New Girl ...?

There are rumors that if you let all the girls married bachelors in Back to Nature that a new girl will arrive named Elizabeth who you can date!

The above list is some Fake Secrets on Harvest Moon Back To Nature. If you want to know the Secrets of the Harvest Moon, you can visit
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