Secrets Of Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Secrets Of Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Hi, I am going to share the Secrets in Harvest Moon Back To Nature. Game farming is including the most popular games since the first, you know, but not many know about its secrets like a power berry, recipes, birthday, hoaxes, etc. This time I want to reveal it's secrets. We go straight to the topic.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature is an RPG that non violence, so often the game is seen by one eye for some people who are not so informed. And this game is also often considered to be games that are not weighted.

Secrets Of Harvest Moon Back To Nature

But actually all that wrong assumption. Unlike other RPG games, Harvest Moon has many features that can be called by a new breakthrough in the world of gaming. This game provides an opportunity as much as possible to you to take care of the farm, where everything is not much different from the real life person, to find a mate and have a Son ...!

Other than another ..., it is correct. Harvest moon is a RPG game created to test the ability of a person in many ways, but keep in mind that this game is a non-violent game. The ability to organize, manage and administer (manage) as well as the ability to socialize everything will be tested here. So in this case the player was given the widest possible terms to achieve success as well as in real life. The success rate of this game can be seen on the display at the top of the screen that shows the percentage of sub-menus to how big the game is completed with the measure based on the following matters:
  • Happiness dogs and horses
  • Number of Chicken, Beef and Lamb that you have.
  • Number of Power Berrie you collect.
  • Number of buildings that successfully upgraded.
  • The number of prescriptions written in the cookbook.
  • How much you love your wife. Your relationship with your son ...

Secrets Of Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Harvest Moon Back To Nature Prologue

You are a boy who was supposed to be on the way with your father. Just before the holidays, your father was asked to make a business trip to his office. So you had to go to the plantation owned by your grandfather. You think it would be boring because nothing can be done on the plantation.

While there you meet a girl and you quickly become familiar. You spend time with him, singing, playing and having fun. When it was time to go home, you promised her that one day you will come back to marry her.

Ten years later, while visiting grandparents farm, you realize if your grandfather is long dead. Mayor come give you three years to settle estates grandfather (who has really messed up).

You decide to try to settle the estate and immediately see the girl you promised to marry in.

Walkthrough Harvest Moon Back to Nature

Spring in the first year

This is the most beautiful season, in which the flowers are blooming, but the first season is the busiest time in this game.

Activities will you do the following:

The first week:
Explore all corners of the village, cutting as many trees (if have upgraded it) and dig mines.
clear the land and plant grass, cutting all the branches and destroy the rocks.
Quickly upgrade your equipment if you already have enough money and minerals.
Buy a seed potato and seed potato planting then flush (every day), and after completion go to sleep to restore your stamina.

Second week:
  • Buy seeds and plant your other, the more that are bought better and flush your plants every day.
  • Give a gift to a girl you like
  • Friends with the fairies Harvest (Harvest Sprites) then they will be happy to help you.
  • Get your horse from Yodel Farm and hug the dog and your horse every day.
  • Get also a fishing pole.
  • On the third day Harris was looking for a suspicious man, go home Gotz, met him. The suspicious man staying at the inn and will sell seeds and items are good but expensive.
  • Day Eight: The Goddess of spring festival. If you already have a dream girl, ask him to take a walk after the previous day asked her to come to the festival. But probably led to this year you have to go alone. Date 9-17: at this point at least you already have the money 3000g - 5000g to buy a chicken. Do not forget to buy chicken feed for 10g per bag.
  • Upgrade your ax and do not forget to collect the minerals mined minerals you need. Planting also some grass.
  • 14th: Thanksgiving Festival. It's time to give gifts, but if you do not have a kitchen at home do not waste time to create recipes for gifts. But give gifts in love your girl.
  • 15th: The Mayor will ask the three vegetables that will be taken on the 21st, if you managed to give him vegetables requested, you will more easily be friends with.
  • Date 18: Horseracing. You can not participate because the horse is not mature enough. You can only bet in this race.
  • 19-21: You have to have enough wood to upgrade your garden, and had approximately one grass field and five or more potato farms. You also need to have a minimum of two or more chickens.
  • Date 22: Last day to plant potatoes. There Cooking Festival, take an egg that has been soaked in hot water bath, but you can not win this time, and you should have arrived an hour before the festival starts if you want to participate.
  • Date 23-30: go to the mine, selling minerals every day. Keep watering and harvest your garden. Cut down some trees and became friends with the fairies Harvest. If you want to buy a new backpack for 3000g, at the end of the season you have to leave money around 2000 - 5000g.
Events that are not necessarily: May and Barley from Yodel Farm will come to your garden and ask if May can stay and play. If you take them to church, Pastor Stu Carter will be invited to play. Barley, Pastor Carter and May will be easy friends with you if you do this.


The season is filled with jokes and laughter, at the beach party and some festivals.

Activities will you do the following:
  • 7th: Chicken Festival. Prepare your chicken because chicken happiest happiest big chance to win in this race. Bring your chicken to square (Rose Square) at 10 am.
  • Date 12: Tomatto Festival. Press X to pick tomatoes and then press X to throw and boxes for ducking. If you participate in this race, then your relationship and your team members will increase.
  • Date 13-19: Weekdays usual, cutting trees, crops and livestock care.
  • Date 20: Cow Festival. Maybe you still can not participate this year.
  • Date 21-23: Pineapples are ready to harvest when you plant it. Do not plant any seed again
  • 24th: Fireworks Festival. Go to the beach and watch the fireworks with her Love Man.
  • Date 25-30: Harvest all the mature plants, collect wood, upgrade your house if you already have enough money.
Events that are not necessarily: In the morning, the Mayor will ask for your help, can afford his request. You should get a cake from the Inn (Inn) to be submitted to Ellen who was in the Mayor's house. You have to give the cake around 12 noon. Repel if he offers a tip. Elli will come with another cake and gave him to you. The next day the mayor will come and give you a cake (this cake high value).
  • 17th: Birthday Ann, she will invite you to his party. Go to the supermarket and wrap gifts that you bring to the price of 100g.
  • On the first day of harvest corn, Kai will come and ask for your corn. If you sell 50g (half the regular price) he will easily friends with you.
Events that are not necessarily: May escape from Yodel Farm. Barley will appear in the morning and ask you to look for May. No need to search for it. He was in the dock at 6 pm. You will make friends with many people after the incident.


The temperature gets colder this time so you can not get the maximum yield at this time.

Activities will you do the following:
  • Date 1: Look at the inn won, and buy Green pepper (green pepper) even if the sale price is 40g apiece, but these plants can be harvested every other day. Planting also carrots and sweet potatoes (Sweet potatoes) if it could. Farewell to Kai, he will be back again next summer.
  • Date 2: Buy a large backpack if you're you. But the most important thing you have to buy a new cow. Pastor Carter will come in the morning, and ask if you can participate in the Music Festival at church tomorrow.
  • Date 3: Music Festival takes place today, go to church to listen to or play music on this festival al.
  • Date 4-7: Collect wood, do your regular activities. Sweet potatoes will mature on 6 or 7 depending on the time you start planting.
  • Date 8: Save your green chili for tomorrow.
  • Date 9: Go to the festival at 10 am and throw pepper into a giant pot in the middle of the Rose Square. Talk to someone afterwards.
  • Date 10-12: Buy a cow or a large backpack today. And collect wood.
  • Date 13: Moon Festival. The girl who likes to come expecting you on Mother's Hill at 6 pm to look at the moon together.
  • Date 14-20: Duke will come and ask you to help harvest the grapes, answer "Yes". He also asks you to invite someone. Invite Cliff. Treat your garden as usual and went to the vineyard before dark. You should be faster than Cliff to get all the wine in the garden. Most wine is that you can get 16 pieces.
  • 16th: If you have 5 chickens and a large chicken coop, Rick will ask you to take care of 5 chickens. No money will you earn but you can get money from the chicken eggs that produced the deposit.
  • Date 21-30: harvest all crops yours and be prepared to enter the winter. Also make sure you have enough grass to feed cattle.
Events that are not necessarily: Gray will come and borrow your grinder to make some equipment. Lend him then he'll help you take care of your garden.


Temperatures are getting cooler made ​​lake on Mother "s Hill to be frozen, so you can cross to reach the Winter Mine. Gather wood well this season and be prepared for the storm that is possible in the season if you have a greenhouse.

Activities will you do the following:
  • Date 1-9: Get on the Ball Dog won if he did not appear on last fall. Start to try cooking recipes in the kitchen and collect wood every day. Harvest Hire elf to monitor herds. If the storm is estimated to come, hire two or three fairies. Mined in two mines in this season.
  • 10th: Greyhound carried on today. Run in front of the dog so that he followed you. If you have not trained your dog, he will not want to follow you. Do not get too far away or dog will stop running.
  • Date 11-23: At this time you should have at least 10 cows and 10 chickens. And you have to have five cows again in the first two seasons and sheep at the end of the season. Upgrades are also all equipment.
  • 24th: Starry Night Festival. Go home to your girl at 6 pm. Thus it would raise some affection towards you.
  • Date 25-29: As always collect timber, mining and livestock care.
  • 30th: End of the year. Go to the top of Mother's Hill at midnight to watch the sunrise together with other residents. If you do not invite Cliff to work in the vineyard, he would go today.
  • Events that are not necessarily: Look for white flowers. Go to the top of Mother's Hill in the middle of a snowy night after you talk to Ellen, you will see the interest. The next day tell Ellen and Basil then they will feel happy.
  • Events that are not necessarily: At 10 am the day of snowy at Rose Square (town square), you will find that Cliff fainted. Investigate the place to find a photo, return to him.
Second Spring

Activities will you do the following:

Once you have a greenhouse, a greenhouse filled with Sweet Potato.

  • Fill your garden with the lawn after you have a greenhouse.
  • If you have some Orcialc Ore of winter, make into jewelry at a cost of 100g to give to your girlfriend.
  • On June 1, If Karen has a green heart, he will come around the clock 12-3 pm to practice the dance with you. When the Goddess Festival, talk to Karen and she will ask you to dance with him.
  • Catch a fish Legendary.
  • Win the horse race festival (if your horse is happy and not taken Barley)

Second Summer

Activities will you do the following:

  • Throughout the season you have a lot of friends gather outside the candidate's wife. Villagers have three levels of conversation: Just ado, friends, friends.
  • You have to catch a legendary fish again.
  • If you already have 10 head of cattle, sheep and start buying keep planting grass.
  • Your greenhouse should also be filled with Sweet Potato.
  • Invite Kai to watch the fireworks on 23 and go to the top of Mother's Hill on the next day to see the fireworks. Then Kai will easily become your best friend.
Autumn Second

The mark is:
  • Find new friends again.
  • Legendary fishing.
  • Win the Sheep Festival.
  • The entire design of your equipment must be upgraded.
  • Having rack.
  • Married.
  • There is nothing special about this season unless you decide to get married at the beginning of this season. Perform your regular activities as usual.
Winter Second

Costs that need to be difficult to be determined.

The mark is:
Find new friends again.
Catch legendary fish.
Win Dog Festival.
Getting Power Berrie.
Try to keep your wife happy by giving gifts that she likes. If he says: "I'm hungry, but I do not feel like doing anything." That your wife was pregnant with your son.

Third Year and Beyond

The mark is:
Getting children.
Friends with everyone.
Won all contests.
Get all the recipes.
Get a secret seed. Strawberry, Pumpkin and Spinach.
Get all the power berries.
Your son will be born this summer. Give an assortment of gifts to his wife and son. Friends with everyone to get the recipe. to get all the power berries is quite difficult.

Secrets are revealed over the still partially. To find other secrets in full, can be found at: Secrets in Harvest Moon Back To Nature. Happy Gaming!!:)
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