How To Change Computer RAM By Yourself at Home

How To Change Computer RAM By Yourself at Home - Instead of computer services brought to the builders we better change our own computer's RAM. Changing the RAM on a computer is easy for those who know. But most computer users do not know everything about how to change the computer's RAM by yourself at home.

I'm pretty sure after you read the article "How To Change Computer RAM By Yourself at Home", I guarantee you will learn about how to replace the RAM on your computer. Before I discuss on how to change the computer's RAM, I will discuss a bit about what is RAM and its uses.

RAM (random access memory) is used to hold the landing data will be processed by the processor. RAM is a storage area that was only temporary nature. So when we turn off the computer, the RAM is no longer store data - the data when the computer is not turned off.

RAM is very important for the existence of your computer, try it when you turn on your computer without RAM (not going to). But I think this is a component of the RAM of the most durable components of a computer or rarely damaged, but most people often replace the RAM his computer because the interest rate. Because this is the RAM plays an important role in the process of computer speed.

I think you've got an idea what the function of RAM on this computer, the next we are going to do the installation of the RAM on the motherboard. It should be noted at the time you want to change the RAM on your computer, find the one that suits Motherboard RAM you use.

Once you buy RAM that corresponds to your motherboard, we will go into the steps to replace the RAM on our own computers. The following are its steps.

How To Change Computer RAM By Yourself at Home

Steps Change Computer RAM

  1. The first thing you do is certainly open the casing of your CPU. Do not be afraid to open your CPU casing. Because there will be no damage as long as you really pay attention to the bolts which must be in the open (preferably the CPU position put to sleep).
  2. Find your RAM components. Examples of RAM can be seen in the figure below:
  3. How To Change Computer RAM By Yourself at Home
  4. To open it, open the lock slot (at each end of the memory slots on the motherboard). Press the locking of the RAM simultaneously at each end of the RAM.
  5. Once open my advice in the first place to clean your computer's RAM slots. Usually there is a lot of dust in that section.
  6. After you clean it, take the RAM which will replace the old RAM, and input into the RAM slots simultaneously (right and left). To note before you insert the RAM in the RAM slots, you must ensure that the RAM is not reversed. Because if you put it upside down, it will not be fitted with the RAM slots.
  7. After successfully installing the RAM, please try to start the system. If no error occurs, the computer will run normally as usual.
  8. After your computer successfully live a normal life. then replace the casing that you have separated in the first step.
Well that was a tutorial on how to change your computer's RAM. If you experience problems or have questions, you can ask directly in the comments that have been provided. Before I end this article, I want to remind you, do not you replace the RAM when the computer is on. Because it will cause badsector on your hard drive.

So much from me, thank you for visiting the blog computer, do not forget to come back again when you need a computer and internet tutorials, we will discuss it in full.
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