30 September 2014

Moon Phase Calendar - Today Moon Phase - Update Everyday

Moon Phase Calendar - Today Moon Phase - Update Everyday. Moon phase change is a familiar sight for us when observing the moon from day to day, because the moon is the second brightest object in the sky after the Sun. Animation moon photo below was made by taking a picture a month from the day to day within a period of one month which are then combined in sequence to be animated as we are witnessing today. In this animation, you can see all the changes that occur in the month with a clear appearance as seen from Earth.

Let us start discussing the phases of the moon. First, we need to go back to talk about the layout of the Sun, Earth, and Moon system. We have learned together that the Earth orbits the Sun, and it rotates on its axis while orbiting the tilt. At the same time, the Moon orbits the Earth and the moon's orbit around the earth is, not only that the moon also rotates on its axis. Just as the earth gets from the sun's rays, half the surface of the moon that leads in the direction of getting exposure to sunlight on the surface so that the surface becomes half light and half the surface of the moon to the sun be darkened. So the simple explanation to explain the moon phases is that the moon's surface at the same time experiencing half dark and half light having the appearance of a half moon and we see none other than the Earth orbits the Earth as a result of it. I suggest you also read the related article with "Moon Phase Calendar - Today Moon Phase - Update Everyday":

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Moon Phase Calendar - Today Moon Phase - Update Everyday

In the animations are created from photographs in the below, you can see the different changes in the appearance of the Month:

The Moon always shows the same face toward Earth.
Moon sighting is always changing from dark to light until later then went dark again.
The size of the moon was little changed.
Position months seems a bit shaky.
We will talk about the reasons for the first three points, but for the last point we would leave and discuss in learning advanced astronomy.

Moon Phase Calendar - Today Moon Phase - Update Everyday

To see the list of phases of the moon today you can see in the following tools.

Moon Phase Calendar And Phases of the Moon

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