Recognize the Moon Phases

From time to time, the Moon looks to change shape when viewed from Earth. Let us together Recognize the Moon Phases. Changes in visible form is called the phase of the moon. The moon phases is always repeated every 29 days and is called the synodic period.

Earthlings harness the moon phases as a marker of time. Moon phases calendar system based on the lunar calendar is called you know. Komar in Arabic means moon. One of the most widely used is the Hijra calendar.

In the year contains 12 months. Determination of the date of this calendar begins at sunset. Number of days in a month depending on the position of the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun. Hence, the number of days in a month is not fixed.

Recognize the Moon Phases

Let us identify the moon phases, as follows:

1. When the Moon is between the Sun and Earth in alignment position, then the face of the Earth facing the moon gets no sunlight. The part that gets the light is behind it. So the moon's face is not visible from Earth. This phase is called the phase of the moon or the new moon death.

2. Thin crescent moon appears the next day after the new moon. Sickle continues to grow every day. On the seventh day, the light will reach the half moon area of ​​the disc. This phase is called the initial phase of the half, or early neap. When the Moon, Earth, and the Sun is in the upright position. Moon and sun form a 90° angle.

3. The next 3 days in the light of the Moon continues to grow. At day 14, the moon looks bright face of the Earth entirely. This is the full moon phase. When the Moon, Earth, and the Sun is in a position aligned with the Earth in the middle.

4. Furthermore, in the broad light of the Moon's face shrinking. When the moon was in the form of half discs on the left, that's the end of the half or the neap phase end. The position of the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun when it was in an upright position.

Then face the bright moon is getting smaller. Form of the thin sickle to disappear and the Moon was again experiencing a new moon phase/death moon.
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