11 October 2014

Water Discuss This Hotel is Located in Underwater!

DUBAI - Hotels are usually built on a plot of land. So, what happens if there is an underwater hotel?

It was actually in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hotel named Water Discus be building in the world's largest underwater. The idea of ​​the construction of the hotel is triggered by technology companies 'Deep Ocean Technology' assisted by a Swiss company InvestConsult Big AG.

The shape is unique and a little more like a flying saucer like in outer space. The hotel building consists of two large shaped discs connected by a long narrow shaft. The shaft consists of stairs and elevators.

Water Discuss This Hotel is Located in Underwater!

Water Discuss This Hotel is Located in Underwater!

Water Discus also features 21 rooms. The rooms were specially designed organizer that visitors can see under the sea atmosphere as much as possible. In addition, the hotel is also equipped dive center and underwater bar.

President Bogdan Gutkowski BIG developers expressed Water Discus constructed in order to increase tourism and hospitality sector in offshore coastal areas.

"Besides, we also want to make Underwater World Protection Program," said Gutkowski bleak quoted Dailymail, Sunday (27/1).

Water Discus is not the first underwater hotel in the world. Previously, there was a hotel called the Jules Undersea Lodge off Key Largo is located in Florida, United States. Unfortunately, this Florida hotel is less than Water Discus.