10 October 2014

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort Dubai

Underwater hotel development currently underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will make the hotel the most luxurious hotels, grandest, most unique, once the most expensive in the world. Hydropolis Underwater Hotel grandest in the world will be a Spectacular building or hotel in the 21st century. As a comparison can you compare with The World's Best Hotels currently has standing. For those who require accommodations or hotels wherever located throughout parts of the world, can make a reservation, booking, hotel booking in Order Online.

Grandest accommodations or hotels, round, estimated and forecasted even by some people will stick Hydropolis ascertained, the name of the Underwater Hotel in Dubai. Of course this is not Cheap, sure, we must produce an enormous amount of money if you want to feel the comfort of the Hotel Hydropolis located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort Dubai

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort Dubai

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is a planned hotel will be the first underwater luxury resort in the world. Located 66 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Jumeirah in Dubai. Fitted with concrete and steel, Plexiglas walls and curved roof will enable guests to see fish and other sea creatures. Divided into three sections:

In the first section
There is a restaurant and a screen with high-tech features and history of the evolution of marine life around subsea architecture.

In the second section,
Visitors will be delivered to a connecting tunnel which would lead them to the main area of ​​the hotel by car. The last part is 220 bedrooms (check photos & a host of others Tariff Rupiah) available with underwater views.

In the third section,
Land station, where guests are welcomed; connecting tunnel, which will transport the guests to use the train to the territory of the hotel; and 220 suites in the complex under the sea. Prevalence will reach 260 hectares, an area of ​​Hyde Park in London, and worth £ 300 million. It is considered as a 10-star hotel.

The hotel is scheduled to open Hydropolis 2007 But, in February 2008, the launch Hydropolis postponed, due to issues of cost and impact of the project on marine life, this project has experienced significant delays, and rebuilt in 2009, but runs slow development, since it funds that must be very large, and until now have not finished kelar alias. But when complete, will be the grandest Underwater Hotel, the most luxurious, most expensive and most unique, as well as the most spectacular in this century.

The hotel, along with the other twin project, being developed by Crescent Hydropolis Holdings LLC, a firm that is specifically designed for development. Designees is Joachim Hauser.

The idea of ​​this development under the sea is not triggered the first time in Dubai. Remarkably, the famous country arid, United Arab Emirates thus developing ambitious underwater most luxurious hotel ever in the world.

Hydropolis name underwater hotel, was built since 2007 and was originally predicted to the conclusion built in 2009 Unfortunately, funding constraints hampering development and make its construction is running slow until now.

In the future, this plan will have a complex of accommodation with 220 rooms in it. The visitors of the hotel can enjoy direct views of the sea while doing everyday activities.

With a normal swallow to billions of dollars of development will be the largest contemporary construction projects in the world. Just imagine, his hotel was built on a land area of ​​260 hectares under the sea.

Super cool idea is becoming increasingly attractive to remember Dubai is the city's famous and hot deserts. How much imagination is needed to create? How the development process?

We wait the development process of Hydropolis grandest Underwater Hotel in the World at the time. Hopefully we will not wait too long to see the grandeur, luxury, uniqueness and how this spectacular underwater Hydropolis.

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