Enjoy the Sensation Underwater Hotel Stay in Florida

For those of you who are bored with most hotels, lodging can be visited in Florida, USA, this. Hotel Jules Undersea Lodge is not the usual lodging, but the hotel was under water.

Located at a depth of six feet below sea level, this hotel is a laboratory water initially. By the employer, this lab transformed into hotel rooms, complete with furnishings. The room was pressurized so that water does not enter.

Inside there are two bedrooms, including telephone and DVD player. There is also a lounge, dining room, kitchen and recreation room. In this room, there is a window width of 42 inches, allowing visitors to see the sights of fish and coral reefs.

Enjoy the Sensation Underwater Hotel Stay in Florida

"Waking up with angel fish looked from the window is a view that will not be forgotten," said Ian Koblick, the owner of the hotel.

However, not just anyone can stay at this hotel. Hotel requires at least the visitor is a qualified diver. Because, to arrive at the hotel room, visitors must dive into the sea.

Diving into the hotel room was also exciting. Ian promises visitors will pass through the underwater mangrove forests and beautiful lagoon.

For dining, there is a Pizza home delivery. With a waterproof bag, pizza delivered by a diver to the hotel room. Or visitors can hire a chef to stay in a hotel room and prepare their dinner.

To stay at this hotel, visitors have to spend in-in. The cost for a one night stay is priced around $ 9,000.
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