12 October 2014

Underwater Hotel Special Diver in Florida, Curious?

Currently, the hotel offers a view in elevation as is common. In Florida, the United States, there is a hotel that is 'drowning' in the bottom of the sea. Want to stay here, must first diving!

In some countries, the hotel being in the water is already known to the traveler. Offering views of underwater nature different with hotels usually the main attraction of this type of hotel.

Turns out, not just Dubai or the Maldives who got in the water. The island of Key Largo, Florida, United States has had this kind of lodging first. Not only that, the hotel guest named Jules Undersea Lodge is to be diving to be able to stay!

Underwater Hotel Special Diver in Florida, Curious?

Underwater Hotel Special Diver in Florida, Curious?

Not just anyone can stay at the Jules Undersea Lodge. Those who want to spend the night here should have the ability to dive. Because rooms at Jules Undersea Lodge only has one entrance, which is under water.

The rooms here are at a depth of 9 meters. Not enough in it, what more for the regular dive diver. But without diving equipment, you may not be able to reach them.

Upon entry into the room, the hotel will welcome guests to clean yourself first. This room is facilitated with a special room. This room will separate you from the sea water.

Of course your body is not in the condition that it is completely dry. So, the next room is the shower room at the same rinse. You can dry off here.

Each room there are two large beds. Each bed is in a different space. Well, in this room, you can see a view of the underwater world that is presented during the 24 hours of a large glass measuring 24 inches.

The scenery outside is amazing. You can see the beautiful underwater world whenever you want. Occasionally, small fish will be close to the glass. Uh, funny ...

In addition to a comfortable bed and an extra large glass to see the scenery outside, this room also facilitated various needs of her guests. Here there is a clean kitchen and a full fridge with food in it. Want more delicious? You can also soak in the hot water here!

In a different space, no entertainment facilities. Jules Undersea Lodge call it by the name Common Room. Here there is a DVD player and a TV large enough. There is also a long couch that could be you and your family a place to relax while watching the movie. Nearby, there is a phone and a radio for communication with the guard in the mainland.

Sleeping in a hotel at the bottom of the ocean alone is exciting, what else plus facilities so indulgent of Jules Undersea Lodge. Interested? Should have a diving certificate before staying here.