11 October 2014

Charm Underwater Hotel in Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida, USA, where the former is a research laboratory on the island of Key Largo is now turned into hotel rooms are equipped with two hot showers, a kitchen, a phone to make calls to landline and room service are not usual.

However, do not imagine the luxury of a five star hotel, the hotel is only visible as long capsule. Trying to stay at this hotel was for the sake of adding to the experience alone.

Lounge here equipped with a dining room and entertainment room and each room is equipped with 42-inch round window size that can be used to see the sights of the Emerald Lagoon underwater life.

For those who want to stay in this hotel should be able to dive and visitors enter the hotel through a wet room which is filled with water that is dammed to prevent flooding.

Charm Underwater Hotel in Florida

Charm Underwater Hotel in Florida

The most interesting thing is, visitors can order a pizza to be delivered by divers from a local pizza shop complete with a margherita (a type of alcoholic beverage). And for those who do not like pizza, do not worry, because you can hire a professional chef to prepare dinner and diving in this underwater hotel.

According to the hotel website, rock star Steve Tyler and John Fishman as well as the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeu've stayed here. Jules Undersea Lodge offers two options for stay which is $ 860 a night and $ 160 for three hours.