21 December 2014

AdBlock Plus (ABP) Sued By Google & Microsoft

Some Group Publisher in France, including Google and Microsoft will file a lawsuit to the developer of Adblock Plus on the impact of the losses on the program made. It is inevitable that Adblock Plus is increasingly popular today, especially among young children. Currently, there are at least 5 million Adblock users in France, 2 million in the UK, and 1.5 million in Spain. Based on data from various reliable sources, there are at least 144 million users worldwide Adblock Plus. Number of Adblock Plus users continues to increase as much as 69% from the previous year. Of this amount is expected to nearly 60% of Internet users use Adblock plus to block ads. Some time ago we heard that Google Pays AdBlock Plus So That Ads Can Still Be Displayed.

AdBlock Plus (ABP) Sued By Google & Microsoft

They (Group Publisher) demanded that AdBlock perform a new policy in which only paid users are able to block ads, and the rest for free users, the ad remains displayed. This demand is not without reason, because they claim that their revenue from advertising fell as much as 40%.

Google and Microsoft's income must be reduced as a result of Adblock, after the lawsuit was granted, it looks like Google and Microsoft and the publisher will be happy. Adblock for profit from ad blocker program in the browser, but by closing the door of fortune and income of others. Hopefully the lawsuit was granted by the court

Most users Adblock Plus is the ad aware, so it likely will not have a significant effect on earnings Adsense publishers. So even if Adblock Plus is prohibited even the former Adblock Plus users remain less likely to be interested in the ads we show. But this will have no effect if the sites we display ads based on CPM or Pop Up the calculation of income based on the number of ad impressions, not clicks the ad.

Actually it's their right anyway (ABP official and user). Even better if Google and publishers make anti Ad Block script just so ads can still be displayed on the browser even if the user use AdBlock Plus.