21 December 2014

Google Pays AdBlock Plus So That Ads Can Still Be Displayed

Google pays AdBlock Plus so that ads can still be displayed. If the web browser that you use regularly is Chrome or Firefox, it is likely that you have already installed AdBlock Plus extension so that your browsing activity is not impaired by the ads annoying pop-ups. But the latest news from the German Horizont website indicates that such action would be a bit useless, if advertisers are faced AdBlock Plus is Google.

Google reportedly has paid Adblock Plus software companies that ignore display their ads on the service AdBlock Plus. Not just Google, a number of other large companies unnamed had paid to have their advertising services included in the 'white list,' and in the end the ads pop-up and banner of the company still will appear on the screen of the user.

Google pays AdBlock Plus so that ads can still be displayed

It remains unclear how much money is spent to pay EYeo Google, the company behind AdBlock Plus, what company is also doing the same practice. EYeo itself does have provisions for eligible ads inserted into the 'white list' them, and generally devoted to advertising from smaller companies. The policy has been implemented since 2011, argued that the ads may be shown during categorized as 'do not disturb.'

In their FAQ page, EYeo say that they have the right to provide services' white list ', because' set list requires hard work and can not be done voluntarily. "That's why they do not mind to receive payments from a number of large companies, for advertising -ad they did not interfere with the user.

Whitelist alone reportedly is a list of where the ad providers listed in it can display ads when users use Adblock Plus. In general, a whitelist is a list of exceptions ads blocked by Adblock Plus.

As we know, the internet giant Google is the most of their income comes from advertising. The company is now led by CEO Larry Page will try to make an internet user can see the ads that are displayed. This is evident by the feud with Microsoft regarding the YouTube app for Windows Phone that does not show ads.

On the other hand, many users are uncomfortable or uncomfortable with the appearance of advertisements in front of them. The presence of Adblock Plus is like being a powerful weapon to repel the ads that appear. Of course what the Adblock Plus inhibits income internet giant Google.

This is really weird, why google does not create a custom script so that the ads can not be blocked by addons or ad blocker program. Google has many powerful programmer, of course, it's easy to google do it. Instead of a lot of money to pay for Adblock Plus so that ads can be displayed.