20 December 2014

How to Set iPhone Camera Apps To Work Maximum

iPhone does have a collection of camera applications in large numbers. Perhaps, we will frequently changing application when we use the iPhone camera to capture a moment. Do you think these applications work better than the application of the iPhone's built-in camera?

If you are still hesitant to answer, why not maximize your iPhone camera app that already exist on your iOS device that? Granted, not as a pro camera, the iPhone does not have a complex arrangement on his camera. default iPhone camera app also does not have unique features that might make your photos into a cheerful and funny. However, if you can maximize the consumer to set things in it, then you will get amazing photos.

How to Set iPhone Camera Apps To Work Maximum

How to Set iPhone Camera Apps To Work Maximum

1. Exposure and Focus

Adjusting the exposure on the iPhone camera app is simple, stay tap on the photo area wherever you want. If you move the area, the iPhone camera application will recheck and will create a new focus and exposure. If you want to take macro photos, which will be the focus and the background object will appear blurry, you can lock the exposure and focus on a specific object. Quite tap and hold on the object of your focus, and then release.

2. HDR (high dynamic range)

When using the iPhone camera, you can enable the feature HDR (high dynamic range) for your photo with HDR tap on the On / Off. Dynamic range is the spectrum of light that can be seen by eye or a camera. Is a good thing if we take photos with multilevel lighting levels. HDR setting will show three different functions, namely under-exposed, overexposed, and in the middle. Combining all three on the image will be very precisely done, to further clarify the shadows and objects.

3. Burst Mode

You can enable Burst mode to take ten pictures per second. The trick, tap and hold the shutter button, and you are just waiting for the results. As expected, this feature will certainly take a lot of storage capacities. Therefore, use this feature sparingly when really needed.

4. Flash

What power is equipped with a camera without flash? Flash on the iPhone camera will save the images you when night or when you are in a place that has poor lighting. This feature has a broad scope, so as to illuminate the area around your photo shoot. So, if you are arriving at the light where it is needed, then use this flash feature.

5. Live Filters

What is the most commonly used when editing photos? Yes, the filter response. This one feature is also going to get the iPhone camera app called live filters. When you take a photo, you can give the effects of "magic" such as monochrome, until the effects of interesting coloring. Once you select the desired filter, the camera will remain in that mode until you disable it. Unfortunately, you can not use this feature on video and panorama mode, and you can not change the effect when the photograph was taken. For those of you who want to have the photos and other interesting than others, then use this one feature.


Many people who use other iPhone camera app to take photos through the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone also has a built-in camera app that has a topnotch performance. If you can use it well and do all the settings properly, then you can get the amazing photos.