20 December 2014

Various Options You Can Choose To Backup Data On iPhone Or iPad

You do not know the limits of your mobile device until there is something on your device. This also applies when you are using iOS devices. Although known for its durability solid device and not easily damaged, iPhone or iPad that you have also deserved more attention. If the undesirable things happen on your iOS device, what would you do? Therefore, do not be such a problem is the second priority.

The panic is going to happen if the iPhone or iPad someone stolen, lost, or damaged somehow. Why the panic could happen to a person when there is something on his iOS devices. Data, is that they will weep. To prevent it from happening to you then you need to backup data in advance. There are various ways you can apply the data backup on your iOS device. Following each of these ways.

Various Options You Can Choose To Backup Data On iPhone Or iPad

Various Options You Can Choose To Backup Data On iPhone Or iPad

1. iCloud

iCloud is a cloud computing service from Apple that will backup data that you have through the network. Your data will be sent to a secure online service, which makes it the best way to backup the data this time. iCloud only provide as much as 5 GB of free storage. However, you also can add the storage capacity to 15 GB with a cost of $ 20 per year and 55 GB for $ 100 you can arrange everything on iCloud through the Settings area on your iOS device. You can also set what file types you want to backup such as Contacts, Calendars, or Photos. Visit https://www.icloud.com

2. iTunes

iCloud will backup all your data online wherever you are. But, if you choose to do a backup on the computer, then all you need is a USB connection. Perform backups on the computer will run faster, and provide storage capacity to your liking. Naturally, you need services such as iTunes to connect your computers and iOS devices. After you insert the USB into the computer to connect to an iPhone or iPad, then the automatic backup process will begin immediately. If the backup process does not occur, then right-click on the device menu and select Backup to do it manually.

3. Fonelab

Fonelab is an application that will take you to backup and restore any existing data on your iOS device. With a neat appearance, backup and restore process will run easily and quickly. Simply install the program on your Windows computer and connect your iOS device to get started. The system will perform a scan when the device is connected to the computer. Once completed, you need to do is choose which files you want to backup to computer. If this happens you do not want on your iOS device, such as lost or stolen, Fonelab can restore data that has been copied to your computer. So you do not have too panicked when experiencing unwanted.

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No need to imagine what will happen on your iOS device. The important thing is, your data is maintained safely, and you always calm while moving through your iPhone or iPad. With the way the data backup, you can follow to secure any form of data you have.