Link2SD Plus V3.7.3 Pro Apk Full Version

Link2SD Plus V3.7.3 Pro Apk Full Version - Link2SD has released the latest version update of very useful applications for android users that have limited internal memory/minimal internal memory (phone memory), which link2sd plus 3.7.3 for android.

The main functionality, Link2SD Plus V3.7.3 Pro Apk is to actually move android application from internal memory to external memory (SD card) with ease. So you can move a lot of android apps at once from the internal memory to external memory with a single touch. But unfortunately, not all phones support the application Link2SD Plus V3.7.3 Pro Apk. Because of this complication requires superuser privileges in other words, this application only runs on Android phones that are already in the root.

One aspect that is often complained Android device users are the settings of the application storage on the device. To answer these problems, the developer of Turkish origin Bulent Akpinar released an application called Link2SD. Link2SD can be downloaded and used for free, but with limited features and the presence of advertising. To be able to use all of the features available in the application, you have to buy the application form Link2SD Plus key to gain full access at a price of around USD 2. Because Link2SD Plus is such a key, you still have to download the free application Link2SD first.

Link2SD Plus

Link2SD Plus

Link2SD Plus Pro Apk

In general, the Android system will automatically place the applications installed on the storage device, rather than to external storage such as SD Card. This raises the issue of internal storage becomes full, and also usually internal storage capacity is not too large. You can manually move applications to the SD card via the Android settings menu. Unfortunately, not all applications can be moved to SD Card. This is where the beneficial Link2SD Plus. With Link2SD Plus you can move all applications to external memory.

In addition to moving the application, Link2SD Plus also allows users to clear the cache. A cache is a temporary data used by the application. The temporary data can be very useful, accelerate the application. However there are times when the cache size becomes too large or even make an application is not running properly. Android users can delete the cache manually through the menu settings. Link2SD Plus facilitate the process. You can clear the cache of a particular application, or even remove all existing cache to free up storage. If you do not want to delete all cache, there exclude list that you can fill with applications that do not want to be cleaned.

Another feature of Link2SD Plus is you can change the status of an application from the user apps into system apps and vice versa. These differences affect the permissions obtained by the application as well as the ability to move it to the SD Card, where the user apps can be moved and system apps are not.

There are many more features of this Link2SD Plus. Among others, setting a link to the data apk, lib, and dex, as well as the reboot manager. Some features require root access on Android devices. Link2SD Plus is an application that is useful but also dangerous. This application is intended for Android users who already have some knowledge of how the Android system works. If you are just a novice user, this application can make Android devices are not functioning properly. But if you are an experienced user and want access to the Android system, Link2SD Plus is the right choice.

Download Link2SD Plus Pro Apk

Link2SD Plus Pro Apk

What's new in v3.7.3:

  • Adds support for Android 5.0 Lollipop, all features are now fully functional on the Lollipop.
  • Adding the function "Create shortcut" to the application.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
In my opinion, this is very helpful application for android users who have limited internal memory (phone memory). Because with this application we can move data from applications or games installed in the internal memory to external memory (SDCard). So it can be freely install the application as much as we want, without having to fear if we phone memory is full