How to Backup Or Copy Android Applications With Root Explorer

How to Backup Or Copy Android Applications With Root Explorer -Root Explorer is an Android application that is used to browse the file to the android system. With this application you can find any file it without any restrictions in accessing all the files and can also change / delete / edit files in it depends on the type of file to be converted. With Root Explorer you can backup or copy APK Applications. However, before using the Application Root Explorer is recommended that you first do Rooting on Android phones, so that the application is working optimally. Due to rooting, previously limited access rights to full access and can make changes by using Root Explorer.

Before downloading Root Explorer apk, we would have to know first what is the Root Explorer apk. Root Explorer is an application which is known also as a file manager. As a file manager, we can access the full entire files or applications in the android that we use. Why we must have this app, of course, because as we Android users should know what is the android system we have, including where the file is stored on the system. Root explorer apk will show us as users even up to a file that is hidden or concealed. Often also said, Root Explorer is the health of the android application. The reason is because of the pain android commonly sourced from files that do not pitch well managed and fully piled in memory when not in use and not useful. We need Root Explorer as one of the applications that are able to maintain the performance of android, in order to stay well.

How to Backup Or Copy Android Applications With Root Explorer

How to Backup Or Copy Android Applications

Once download Root Explorer apk for android, we just make the installation as usual on android that we use. Then we can start using Root Explorer. Excellence will we get that we've been able to start me-mange all the files on the android indefinitely. We can begin to move the file that if we want to move or do we want to find or deleted.

Some features of Root Explorer apk that has been installed on your android include text editor, extract rar files, SQLite database, maker and efficient feature extraction to zip, find / search files, multi-selected, book mark, execute scripts, thumbnails, a feature open with, rename files and folders to, and many other features. Files are available and we manage to root explorer also we can send it via Bluetooth or email. Even for dropbox to google its drives are also available.

Once the application is successfully downloaded and then installed as an application in general, and then follow the tutorial image below to better facilitate you.

Open Root Explorer >> select Application Data >> >> then select the app will find the APK Backup / copy

Backup Android ApkCopy Android Apk

Root Explorer apk is one of the applications included in the list of mandatory application downloads on the android. Manage files is important when we need to fix android file, so that when there is a system that is wrong, the files of the system easy to find. When RAM is a big influence on us is full android, of course we obliged manage and clean up all the files for data that is not important and only meet only memory. Full memory will greatly affect the quality of the performance of android that we use. Do not let it happen, because Android system performance is slow and also android become corrupted because we keep restarting and so on. The solution lies in the fact that we do not manage the files.