XModGames Clash of Clans (Unlimited Gold Elixir Dark Elixir)

XModGames Clash of Clans (Unlimited Gold Elixir Dark Elixir) - You must have heard of the game Clash of Clans, and must have been looking for a mod version of the game. Unfortunately, you will never find it. Looting in the game Clash of Clans is very important. With looting, we have a lot of resources (Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir) that can be used to construct a building, or make troops. Xmodgames is an application where the application can modify certain games so that the game can go beyond existing features. Analagous to xxzhushou, but this application using the English language in the interface.

Xmodgames, by using this application you can cheat the game Clash of Clans. actually not cheat but this application can help you to play the game Clash of Clans becomes easier. However, not everything went smoothly while looking Loot. Very often, loot found not much as we want. Even though it is click Next constantly, still a little loot our enemies.

Not only Clash of Clans that could be made mod with Xmodgames applications. Android games such as War Summoners, Subway Surfers, and others. But unfortunately, this app requires root access. Well, to overcome these problems, we have a suitable application. This application will automatically search the village which has huge resources to be attacked. To use it, make sure that Android already Root. To use the application Xmodgames is pretty easy you just open the app and install mod the game. Then open the game through this Xmodgames. In addition there will be a lot of games that can be in the mod with this Xmodgames application. Especially hard-rigged game online manually.

XModGames Clash of Clans (Unlimited Gold Elixir Dark Elixir)

Note: Please restart your smartphone after Install XModGames

XModGames Clash of Clans Guide

Ok, now we begin the steps to run the application Xmodgames, I will give you a guide below.
  1. Download XModGames first, then install as usual on your Android.
  2. Open XModGames her, then be sure to click Grant applications requesting access to the Root and select Clash of Clans.
  3. XModGames
  4. Click the Install button Mod, this button is blue and then wait a minute. Then click Launch existing at the top to run Clash of Clans with XModGames.
  5. XModGames CoC
  6. It would appear that the X button on the right. Click the button, and set and input the number into the Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir according to your wishes. Figures are arranged in those sections will determine the minimum amount of loot that you want to search. Example: If set to 200,000, automatically you will get more loot than or equal to 200,000
  7. XModGames Clash of Clans
  8. Ensure Meet All The Conditions and Search Switch already in the ON state
  9. This is the result of looting use XModGames
  10. XModGames Looting

In order to more quickly discovered, my advice is to lower the level of your league than ever.