How to Install RAM into the CPU

How to Install RAM into the CPU - In computers are critical parts such as the motherboard, hard drive, processor, RAM, etc. In this post I will explain a fraction of the RAM. In previous articles we have to figure out the cause of the error after replacing the RAM and try to correct errors when replacing the RAM. As we know the RAM is in the computer of temporary storage. Well I'll just explain some of the steps we take to install RAM into the CPU.
  1. The first thing we do is unplug or turn off the power supply by pressing the switch is behind the power supply.
  2. How to Install RAM into the CPU
  3. Then remove the CPU casing by removing the two bolts located on the back right side of the CPU.
  4. How to Install RAM into the CPU
  5. Then discover the RAM sockets we want to attach. note on both sides if the lock is open or not. If not then open it by pushing it towards the outside of the RAM sockets.
  6. How to Install RAM into the CPU
  7. Once the socket is ready then the RAM will prepare and make sure we put together the legs of RAM socket. If not then do the same in pairs because it will result in damage to the CPU and RAM, and when the POST (power on self test) there will be a long beep that signifies the RAM does not work. Also note the position of the feet of RAM with his feet if it is right or not. Once it is fitting then press the RAM until the lock actually lock the RAM that is not easily separated.
  8. Well after the RAM has stuck to the same socket RAM installation finished. but do not forget to replace the chassis cover.
We can also look back on how to install RAM on HowStuffWorks. In the website described the more complex of the RAM. On the website is divided into multiple pages, each pages in discussing different things about RAM ranging from the types of RAM, RAM size from the smallest to the largest, in which there are also components of RAM and how it works. and many more things related to RAM within the website.
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