Causes Computer Error After Replacing a New RAM

Causes Computer Error After Replacing a New RAM - After the previous discussion we try to resolving the error on the computer after replacing the old RAM with new RAM. Now we will discuss what are the causes of errors when replacing a new RAM. What I want to say here is the installation of new RAM but rather cause problems on the computer. Initially we wanted to improve computer performance that is better, but why even cause crashes and errors. There are several possible causes for this disorder. Here I give you the possibility of causing error and how to resolve it:
  1. Installation of RAM in the slot is not quite right. Consider the installation of the RAM slots, if it is on the correct position. You can turn off your computer, and then check the RAM cradle. Or can you off then plug again. You can also try to lose a little RAM timings in the BIOS. If you think repairs are finished please re-test your computer by turning your computer back. If the error still occurs, there is another possibility that wreak havoc on the computer.
  2. Causes Computer Error After Replacing a New RAM
  3. Module/RAM manufacturers are different. In some types of motherboards, memory modules made ​​in a different manufacturer when installed together on one PC will cause CRASH. To test it, you can turn off your computer and unplug one of the RAM installed on the motherboard slots, and revive your computer. If the problem is in your PC already trsolved naturally, then you have to replace the RAM from the same manufacturer.
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