27 January 2015

How to Get Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

How to Get Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich - Since yesterday precisely November 14, 2014, Netmarble re-publish their best cards. This time they spend on the card is S Class named Nana. So, What are the capabilities which is owned by Nana. She is a shy girl, but if you know him more closely, she is a naughty little girl.

Nana S Class Card has a greater ability to control the dice so that she is free to go wherever she wants, she is quite skilled in playing a game that is on the game center in each folder, she was always lucky in getting a chance to make his opponent's cards quite overwhelmed in deal with it. With its cuteness, she was able to pay his rent at a very cheap price and take over the enemy region with a very low price.

Nana S Class Card

How to Get Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

Tips to Get Nana S Class Card

Additionally Nana fun toy that comes with the Teddy bear, continue what could be done at the teddy bear is tiny? Teddy bear has capabilities similar to Old Ukulele owned Hyena is increasing rental rates in town we have the only difference is if Old Ukulele A + which is already in Enhance up to +5 only provide additional rent by 11%, but with this pendant belongs to Nana costs lease your building will rise to 15% (if already in Enhance, if not then 10%). Quite nice not this toy?

NaNa's Teddy Bear - How to Get Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

Unfortunately, because these objects including S Class then it is very difficult for us to raise the level of the pendant, in addition to the cost Enhance great, also the chances of success tend to be smaller. Increasing the level of pendant, at the expense of pendant A Class is only going to give the probability of success of 20%!

In the presence celebrate, party Netmarble event was held either gift or bonus shop for 5 days (November 14 to November 18). For event prizes, the players have a chance to get a diamond of 200 if you can get character S Class (any character, not necessarily the character Nana) during the period. There are two methods to get this S card. First, you can get it directly from Premium Card (in this event the Netmarble say that the chances of getting the S Class Card Premium Card increases, for how many percent it was kept secret) to afford the nominal amount of diamonds (40 diamonds for 5 Premium Card, 80 to 10 cards, and 192 for 30 cards + 5 cards).

And secondly, we can get the S Class Card by combining two pieces of card A+ Class, each of which already have a level 25 (maximum) at a cost of 100,000 gold amalgamation. And during that period, we will get a prize if we play the game up to 5 rounds, what are the prizes?

Gifts Round 1: get a premium card +1
Gifts Round 3: + Gold 2,000
Gifts Round 5: + Gold 3000

200 diamond gift will be given on November 20
After the event gifts, unisex shopping event. What are the shopping event?
1. Players who purchase a diamond of 220 will get a character card
2. Players who buy diamonds as much as 440 will get a card character A or A +
3. Players who buy diamonds as much as 880 will get a character card +
4. Buy premium card contents 30, get free 5 additional premium card

Excess Of Nana S Class Character Card i

AQUIRE DC 65 points means a discount price when taking over the city bigger opponents
DICE CTRL 64 points means you will more easily get the value on the dice in accordance with local control of the dice.
Pendant will you be when downloading the upgrade to MAX (Level 25) is
NaNa's Teddy Bear
Usefulness Nana Teddy Bear S Class Pendant is (Pendant Effect)
15% increase of the toll from the properties owned
15% add-owned buildings tax rates, so if the opponent you step in your building you will get more tax.

Continues, there is not a heck do I get the S Class that we want an example Nana? Nothing. Since the main basis of this game is chancy as similar to gamble that only rely on luck. Then, whether I myself participated in this event? I myself have been less interested in attending this event because I was busy raising the Marinano S Class Card level, and my diamond was being depleted.

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