27 January 2015

How to Get Panda Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

How to Get Panda Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich - Father Event has ended, and all the diamonds that could delay for 2 days now been distributed to each winner. What about Traveller's Compass event that took place yesterday? Already get her pendant S Class yet? For those who may get the diamond gift given is no longer delayed well as it did in the previous Cube Line event (gift cards diamond to get CoCo 300, and Enhance max LVL S Card 200/A + Card 100).

For the latest event this time (November 5 - 9 November 2014) no event get a big diamond gifts as before, but you still can get a diamond per day up to 20 pieces (of gold clover and round reward) for 5 days it means you will get total diamond as much as 100. Well quite a lot of smokers are definitely getting a diamond not use false expectations about this one hehe.

Panda Nana S Class Card Line Let's Get Rich

This event was held to celebrate the presence of their latest card Nana S Class. Why Nana? Instead of the pre-existing card? It is true that the card is already there, but this time the Nana appear more cute and funny than ever before with the newest costume Panda Nana. She may look shy, but who would have thought that this little girl is very smart, see the cute panda.

How to Get Panda Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

Are there any other greatness owned the cute panda is in addition to the previous card (Nana)? None of the uniqueness of this card besides looks more cute panda costume while carrying stuffed panda. Pendant and its status as Nana previously.

Unlike the case with CoCo card that can only be obtained from Diamond Cube/Line Card, or Beatrice and Francesca that can be obtained when the Halloween event period. Nana Panda cards can you get from Premium Card Pack (5, 10, 30), a combination of two cards A +, and the Ancient Cube. (Only can be obtained from the event Ancient Cube, Mileage event, and event specific Pack Card Album).

Jackpot prizes (which is unlikely) you can get

What the Ancient Cube? Ancient additional cube is a cube that only exist in this event, the cube is almost similar to the Line Cube for the duration of the opening (30 ~ 60 minutes), an aura of mystery (can get up to 3 prizes), double Mystic Powder (if open it directly using a diamond when aura status), and the chance to get a good prize (prize jackpot available on this cube include Panda Nana, Nana's Teddy Bear, Top Racer's Helmet, Charming Perfume, 500k gold, and diamond 500).

How to get it?

It's easy enough to play 5 rounds a day you will get a piece of Ancient Cube for 5 days, while the previous round (1 ~ 4) contains diamond and gold.
The first round to get 3000 gold
Round two get three diamond
The third round to get 7000 gold
and the fourth round to get 7 diamond

Are there any special tricks how to get the Panda Nana S Class (such as A + card what should be combined)? There is no special trick to get this card (or other Class S), because as I've said in previous articles, that in this game all goes according to luck is not in accordance with what we want (the proof of this week I did not win rate over of 30%, so sad!). The difference between Panda Nana and Nana card is normal for the award, Gold Panda Nana had a 7% bonus if we play the game, and from Nana no bonus.

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