28 January 2015

How to Get S+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

How to Get S+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich - Periods of Line Let's Get Rich Special Card has now ended, this time Netmarble re-released cards other characters. Right on the date of January 16, 2015, 15:00 Teacher's Day event has ended, and move on to the next celebration. Event held this time is almost similar to that once held a few weeks earlier (Read: Get Panda Nana S Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich) which is where we were at this event will be given a "magic box" that is named Ancient Cube. However, what distinguishes Ancient Cube yesterday with the present is a gift that we will get in it.

If a few weeks before we are likely to get Panda Nana, Nana's Teddy Bear, Top Racer's Helmet, and Charming Perfume S Class of the box. So this time from the box we had the opportunity to get Tricia S+ Class, Tricia S Class, CoCo, and Dimension Door.

How to Get S+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

How to Get S+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

And there are 3 ways how we get Ancient Cube, among others:

  • Play at least 4 rounds each day (+1 Ancient Cube)
  • Mileage get it directly from Jackpot Draw
  • Obtained by opening Diamond Cube
  • Buying Diamond 220 (+1), 440 (+2), 880 (+4)

Course of the four ways that I would suggest to you to choose the points 1 and 2 and 3 only (you need to know pro players do not use the money to be good players).

You could say that this event is more fantastic than the previous event, both in terms of gifts that we get from each round being played each day and diamond gift can we get at the end of the event. Gifts diamond not half-hearted! Total 700 DIAMOND!

How Do We Get 700 Diamond?

  • You will get 200 diamond if it managed to get a CoCo Card
  • You will get 200 additional diamond again if it managed to get a card Tricia S Class
  • You will get 300 diamond if it managed to get a card Tricia S+ Class
If the calculated then all of 700 diamonds, has never been seen not previously Line Lets Get Rich gives a gift of it?
  1. In addition to gift a diamond, you will also get a daily prize round when you play at least 4 rounds, following his gifts:
  2. The first round: Silver Cube
  3. Round two: Golden Cube
  4. Third round: Diamond Cube
  5. Fourth round: Ancient Cube
And of these cubes (except Ancient) you have the opportunity to earn a higher cube of cubes before you open it (eg you open the silver cube, the cube now you likely get a gold cube). Unfortunately, this opportunity is not coupled with the opportunity to gain a better gift, an additional 2x Mystic Powder if we open the cube directly with a diamond, or even a chance to get 3 reward if open cube that has the aura of mystery.

As I said, in the event this time also you are likely to get Ancient Cube by opening Jackpot Draw through Mileage. To make it easier, the Netmarble provide additional mileage points for you that gives clover to your friends. The amount of mileage points depending on the type of clover that you send are:
  • 5 mileage points if sending green clover
  • 10 mileage points if sending gold clover as much as 10x in a day
If calculated, in a day you can earn mileage points to 550 or as many as 27 keys (5x Jackpot Draw per day).

That was some of the prize offered by Line Lets Get Rich on event times, this event was held on the presence of a famous prima donna as ruthless hunters throughout the space. Who is she?

She is Tricia S+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

Tricia S+ Class Card

Tricia is known as a hunter who meet the explorers of time cruising time permits. She will never stop until the target that she could hurry he was arrested and she was prosecuted. And the main target this time is CoCo, could she get the explorer famous for her shrewdness time in sedentary space and time?

Tricia Space Board

The main vehicle used by Tricia in pursuit of the target, Space Board. With this vehicle up, your body will feel light as if you are a thin cotton, even so light you can ride this board space as fast as lightning. Have the possibility of up to 15% towards the plane around the world after paying rent when stepping on the town opponent.

Fugitive Main Character

Coco S Class Card

Tricia presence has opened the original identity who the CoCo. Who would have thought, that the CoCo beautiful girl who comes from the future is a dangerous fugitive? However, the fact that is what happened. He believes that the Time Paradox theory is true. Armed with an object named Dimension Door, he returned to the past to change the future.

Tips and Tricks

A. Tips and tricks to get the status of Aura's cube that we will open without using Mystic Powder: Put Cube on the hour between 21:00 to 23:59 pm (Experience bro just now fitting pairs of Ancient Cube at half ten at Silver Cube hours half eleven) (After further reviewing these tips have a chance of success - / + 60%, from 5 cube mounted 3 of them got the status of the aura)

B. Tips and tricks to get the main prize Ancient Cube, such as CoCo, and Tricia: Open Cube on hours 3:00 a.m.-6:00 pm (my own experience gain Coco Card in Line Cube event)
Event starts since January 16, 2015, 15:00 - January 20, 2015, 15:00

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